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    [Trigger] Help with a Simple Problem

    Thanks, Mini-Me. That works perfectly.
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    [Trigger] Help with a Simple Problem

    All I want to do is have the player enter a chat message, which gets saved as a string variable. I've tried to find a way to do this, but it never works. The way I currently have it in my map is: Event -> Player 1 Red enters a chat message containing (empty string) as a substring Action...
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    Wierd site....

    Appearantly it was a social experiment, designed to test the internet's reaction to a site with an unknown and somewhat sinister purpose. It looks like we failed, appearantly some people thought it was everything from terrorists to the end of the world. :roll: There was a page up...
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    Do Aliens Exist??

    That's just stupid. So you're saying, if aliens do exist, they will be less technologically advanced than us and nonsentient? But what about evolution? If a species has been around longer than us, it will probably be more advanced. Unless, of course, you're one of those morons who believes...
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    About 3DMax

    3Ds Max is a professional art tool. You can't just download it. Unless you have $650 spare on your hands, I'd suggest that you try downloading some of the simpler modelling tools on this site.
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    April fool's joke

    Har har har. :roll: Like the other guy said, this is a particularly feeble attempt to cover up for yourself. Take some responsability and own up to your mistakes next time.
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    World editor crack plz

    Erm, one problem. -> CRACKS ARE ILLEGAL. <- :shock: Never thought of that, did you? Buy the game, you stingy bastard.
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    Who ever doesnt need a disc to play warcraft 3 plz ream me

    Re: omg No... It's called an "accident". :lol:
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    Who ever doesnt need a disc to play warcraft 3 plz ream me

    You have no idea how long I've wanted to use that one. But, seriously. I had a job and a stable income when I was thirteen. I also had enough common sense not to break my games when I was thirteen. I also had a good enough education to write grammatically correct sentances when I was...
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    Fix Link To: SlaanKingNew model

    Re: --> Hmm, which is easier: 1. Assuming that people are always out to get you and make smart-ass remarks about your perfectly reasonable request. 2. Accepting that I might have been actually trying to help you ( :shock: ) and I never considered the fact that you didn't know what TToR...
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    Extreme Jokers Cinematic

    Whoa! Calm down there. The only one who actually insulted you cinematic here was eggy, and everyone knows his opinion is worthless. The other guys just said it was "Sad" and had "Good Action". Why are you taking offence at this when you said yourself that it wasn't that funny? I'll download...
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    Flaming Boulder for Catapult

    Actually, we're both right. You can use the volcano missile if you want to, but it is more of a jagged and irregular rock than the model with the path that I gave you. The burning rock missile is rounder, so it just depends on what you want the missile to look like.
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    Flaming Boulder for Catapult

    *Sigh* No, he was listening to you. You just weren't listening to him. I know that there is a big flaming spiked ball model in the world editor, but there is also a big flaming rock. It's hidden, but if you took the time to notice, there is a list of hidden models at the top of the model...
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    Model missing

    So, you stole two resources from other users and put them together, and somehow that makes the combination your property? Have you even looked at the site rules? And can't you even do anything better than a simple mix of other people's work? Just answer this: There's nothing to the model but...
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    MODEL NEEDED!!!!!!!!

    You know, posting in all Caps and adding hundreds of exclamation points behind your post is not going to get people to do your request.