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  • Alright, cool... I'm taking a summer uni course lol.. I have no summer holidays -_- ... Lots of work to do D:
    Alright, sorry it's taking so long. I have uni and work as well xD. I'll probably have a look at it tomorrow.
    You know, you can still make a forest river area with the dungeon tile set... :p It's actually one of the 'areas' I hoped to see hehe.
    Hi, CroMoX, are there any progress for your map "The Destroyer" ? i'm really looking forward to it.
    Show me something made in the dungeon tile set. Also, try and include as many diverse areas as you can... So have different areas, all using the dungeon tile set. They don't have to be big, but I just want to see how far you go into detail and how elaborate you get with specific areas.
    Oh? Can you show me a little of what you've done? :p Even if it is not part of a project. Just want to see your style.. And maybe a little of what you're capable of, right now :p
    Alright, I can't until like saturday night, maybe sunday night though.. I've been cleaning my computer up and need to redownload a few things which I'll do in the weekend. I'm busy with uni at the moment.
    That's cool, but remember... Knockbacks aren't anything new.
    Try something innovative, if not in functionality, then in creativity.

    Good luck.

    Also, how is that tiny map of yours coming along?
    Sounds good, and quite interesting, though, I believe you could be even MORE creative with it. Try and add some more configurable effects to it. Things that give the spell uniqueness. With that comes a theme.

    So whenever you're making a spell, give it a theme and a corresponding hero too. For example; spiderlings for a broodmother hero FIT her character. So do something with that. It's important however that you don't overdo it. If you do, it becomes a little cheesy and that makes some people want to throw up.

    As for the uniqueness of the spell effect itself.. I would not suggest using this, but taking it as an EXAMPLE ONLY: whenever a unit does not die from the effect, he is given a debuff. If the unit dies while under the effect of the debuff, a shadow minion erupts from its corpse.

    Get it?

    So simply put: get creative with both themes and spell effects.
    and, where is the first boss on the tutorial area ? i couldn't get there anymore, when i entered the same dungeon, it warped me to another places full of spider nest and satyrs.
    yeah, apart from that problem, resetting the save/load is a good idea, or even better if you don't implement it before the map is done, just make it playable with no save/load because it was just an alpha state. then after the map is complete, you can enable the save/load so all of the player will start from 0 and enjoying on exploring your map :D
    CRreating a new simple project. Okay but be sure not to abandon the Destroyer. and BTW, my reviewing style of maps got a little strict so my review on your 1.3b might change... Might go down or up.
    Oh... well I don't know about that. I use the standard editor ever since I tried switching to the new gen editor, and it messed up an old map of mine :p.. And I find with a little creativity, you're able to do enough. :D
    Actually, concerning your blight thing, I just checked, and it seems there is a trigger under "environment" that will CREATE or REMOVE a blight region. I don't know, but I suppose you could put that in a variable, maybe? Not sure, however. You'd have to look into that.
    I didn't release EtP because I found one of my scripts conflicting. Now I'm thinking I'll just rewrite the script so... I don't know how long that's gonna take, but that accounted for some pretty big bugs D:
    No I knew you wouldn't like that, and if you wanna keep the knockback effect for the skill, DO NOT REMOVE KB or KBA :p... Besides, in the skill it has a variable which you can set to false so that it doesn't knock back.
    But about the trees, it won't destroy them because I knew it would mess with your dungeons and forest and whatnot, so I left that out.

    If you ever wanna change that, go into the trigger called "MS loop"
    Somewhere in that trigger (somewhere near the middle,) you should find a line that looks like this:
    Set KBA_DestroyTrees = False
    Simply set that to true, and the Concussion Shot skill will knock units back AND destroy trees.

    Don't forget to mention Kingz and Paladon too!
    Yeah you might wanna check the import guide x).
    But adding these triggers will not at all mess with your own triggers btw. It WILL however leave you with 50 unused variables. But that's alright! All variables used with/in the Missile System have the prefix 'MS_'. All variables used with in the Knockback System have the prefixes 'KBA_' and 'KB_', so if you decide you wanna remove it, delete all of those.

    If you can't seem to get it to work after reading the import guide, maybe you could give me a copy of your map, I'll put it in myself. (It's really not that hard once you know how to do it.) I'd send it back afterwards of course. Either way, it's up to you. :)
    Also. I've made some major updates on Enter The Pit :3. I'm pretty excited to show you, actually :D.
    It IS very simple :D. I don't wanna upload it in the 'spells' section, not until you officially release your map. That way, your map will have a little originality until you release it, at which point people will wanna copy spells and whatnot. So not until you release :D
    I know the systems like the back of my hand, so they were rather easy to configure. The thing that took me the longest was probably making it easily configurable for YOU x). But that should be fine now.
    Alright, done. Make sure you check out the import guide which is embedded in the Trigger Editor under the name "Import Help," and if you want to be creative with the systems, make sure you check out "Variable Help."
    Just hit this link.
    Also, about the ability....

    Did you want it to be a homing unit target spell or did you want it to be a skill shot type?
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