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Last Activity:
Aug 9, 2016
Feb 5, 2006
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User, from CA

Hey guys! CR is back! Jun 27, 2016

CRAZYRUSSIAN was last seen:
Aug 9, 2016
    1. Deolrin
      Welcome back! Great to see you're the judge in Concept Art Contest #4. ^^
    2. COMBO
      welcome back :D
    3. Mr.Goblin
      Yeah.. they are not really small projects.. they are basic.. Like create me an animal with Cardboard using the panel technique.. It takes you 10 hours to make, but the idea is still basic... and the result isn't so great because it's in cardboard. The animal looks really great, yet it's in cardboard.. you get the idea XD

      anyway.. my holydays starts in 2 days :D
      Im back sometimes.

      I'll be back on 18th 2009

      And make more icons!
    5. Narandza
      Really, make more fantastic icons!!!
    6. Mr.Goblin
      yeah, i just started my art program too.. no time, fucking busy XD

      at least your not alone..

      What sucks is that everything I do is basic.. since it's the first year... seriously, it's depressing and boring, because there,s no real and interresting projects.

      anyway, talk to you later..

      oh I have skype btw.. my acount name is Vincent Turcot :D
    7. reason 3
      reason 3
      Make more fantastic icons!
    8. Palaslayer
      Holy Shit. Last activity: Yesterday.

      Are you back?
    9. bigapple90
      Your work is awesome
    10. Mr.Goblin
      Tell me you are still alive D:

      Hey there, it,s been awhile mate, hope life is better than last time we talked :P
      I have alot of things to tell. I'm sure you do too :P

      will catch you later.
    11. LexX
      Я выпустил всё-таки карту в хайв=)Правда пока не идёт на 1.24,но могу прислать новее версию,но катастрофически не законченную=)
      Было бы очень круто если бы ты помог с иконками,которых не достаёт в карте^^Если будешь не против напишу список=)
    12. dansaDisco
      thanks a lot :)

      I'll try it out, hopefully they work out nicely :D
    13. NFWar
      I must say that: your icons are best! I have never seen such an easy way to draw
      such a epic icons. I think you are the best :D
    14. dansaDisco
      Hey CR! I admire your art a lot, and if I may ask, what settings do you use on your brush when you paint? I know you're using a tablet, and so am I, but I haven't found any REALLY good brush setting.
    15. Seraphim9

      Bet you already have loads of requests, but some spell-icons would be really nice.

      Lava Flows - Chance on melee hit to increase movement+attack speed by x %.

      Obsidian Shock - Bursts the target with hot lava giving it a damage over time effect that deals damage each 2 seconds for 6 seconds. When the DoT effect ends, the lava chills off, stunning the target for x seconds.

      Molten Shields - Creates a shield of molten fire around a friendly target, making all hostile units near the selected target take x amount of damage each second.

      Volcano - The hero purges the ground with lava, creating a volcano. Units near the volcano take a heavy amout of damage each second, in addition rocks erupt out of the volcano dealing x amount of damage to anyone they hit.

      It would be awesome if you could make those icons for me. thanks :grin:.

      P.S. Could you make the icons fit the Magma Lord model made by CloudWolf?
    16. The_Grapist
      Nice icons!:D
    17. water_Knight
      Yea. Unless you wana help me make my map??

      Well yea what you said is correct.
      An image in an evil vampire? that shall do it?
    18. water_Knight

      Middle top Vampirism Elements Under title text Made By Nightishing and MySpaceBarBroke. Bottam left corner Loading Screen By CrazyRussian
      Undernearth is a vampire looking creature
      The Back groud the 4 elements fire water wind air.

      Hope this helps a bit.
    19. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      So basically in warcraft example, few people made those pictures of how units and heroes should look like and then Blizzard hired (or have employed) a lot of people who made these models, animations and textures. So I guess, creation of one unit model took much more time than concept of that unit?

      And is there a big difference in salary between these top artists and other "grunts"? And between people doing artistic aspects (models, textures) and technical (programming)? But getting top position is hard in any job anyway.
    20. water_Knight

      I am wondering if your able to make a loading screen for my new map

      Vampirism Elements.

      if you are can you have on it in the middle at the top Vampirism Elements big so it can stand out. and something what looks like a vampire. Thanx again.
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    Kirin Tor
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