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Last Activity:
Jan 28, 2020
Sep 14, 2004


HoP Developer

CraZy.FroG[B] was last seen:
Jan 28, 2020
    1. Malcous
      Hey , like your map :)
    2. Lord Kazzak
      Lord Kazzak
      are you working on the wow battlegrounds ?... pls answer
    3. SanKakU
      I see you have been working on your own Demon Hunt game, eh? Hah. Let me know how it's going...
    4. Demonhunter[17]
      hm you promised an alpha version of wow battlegrounds months ago..
      are you working on at the map?
    5. Dragoon_Jett
      Oops I was hosting an old version and didn't realize that Arena is now Brawl and Brawl is not being developed, ok.
    6. Arganum
      Hello Frog, I have quite a few suggestions for HoP. Email me at allgamesallday@bellsouth.net or visit me on EPC)Arganum at US East to chat. Feel free to drop by the lobby Clan EPC.
    7. rockjael
      HELLO :DD I love your Games Hop BRAWL and arena.. But I want you make a AI version of BRAWL :D to train with my brother.. Because your game is fantastic..

      And Agree me to hotmaill :DDD thanks (Gracias)
    8. Lord Kazzak
      Lord Kazzak
      please, say me ... are you working on the WoW Battlgrounds ? ... how long takes it ?

      Are you still alive ? !! ^^

      only give us all an answer please...
    9. Bumkt
      Hey, what was the last version of your WoW battlegrounds?
    10. mothemaster
      When will there be an alpha of the wow :bg
      Please answer
    11. mothemaster
      When will there be an alpha of the wow :bg
      Please answer
    12. nastyboy_44
      Random Repz +
    13. Dethekkus
      Razorfen Down would be nice, i think, or even better: Zul'Gurub!
    14. mothemaster
      Black Temple would be fine or maybe Zul'Farrak (Stratholme,Onyxia's Lair Molten Core Ahn Quiraj , Kara )
    15. Katoneo
      I would like to see CoT: Durnhold, Shadow labs, Ramparts. Raids: Mag's lair, SSC and the Eye (or 2 in 1), BT and maybe Sunwell
    16. CraZy.FroG[B]
      Update 2: What instances would you like to be in the game for the next WoW Battlegrounds?

      Please send a PM or write it in here :)
    17. CraZy.FroG[B]
      Update: I am currently working on the new WoW Battlegrounds.
    18. CraZy.FroG[B]
      Regarding WoW BG, this is a quote from one of my posts on WoW BG:
      ''Sorry for not updating the map for so long now guys.

      I've been very busy with other projects + RL.

      But I got some great news. I am working on a complete new WoW Battlegrounds map, based on this one. It will have new instances, new races, all custom spells, many of the WoW systems will be used, such as revival system, crafting system, aggro-system and lots more + save/load system. Basicly, the upcoming WoW Battlegrounds map will make this map look like it was nothing.''
    19. Katoneo
      What about your old map. WoW Bg?? I was testing it a lot time ago and i want to do it again.
    20. CraZy.FroG[B]
      Am also studying for my exams at the moment, I might do it at another point soon.
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    Scarlet Crusade
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