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    still there?

    still there?
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    Duel of Gods v2.00

    Is it EPIC as 'Age of Myths" ? I'm finding EPIC AOS Similar to this map.
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    Lords of Middle Earth3.4

    how to play outlaw? i don't know where to sell the good cause wherever i go, they killed me both gondor and another 2 countries so what should i do?...
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    Enfo's FFB Edition v2.11

    She that op? . . .why her skill [scyth something, can target only 1 monster and can't target boss wave?, is that so strong?]
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Great Terrain, Great MAP, really fun!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Great Terrain, Great MAP, really fun!
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    WoW: Heroes Return [ORPG] [1.2.b]

    Great terrain, i never play any ORPG like this before. keep up the good work, i'm really looking forward your project :ogre_haosis: Also, ++reps After i played around level 10, this map still have a long way to go: If i picked items on ground, it should go directly to inventory unlike now, i...
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    Enfo's FFB Edition v2.11

    Can u have easy and very easy difficuly? . . .cause we died a lot and lose. Also, arcane mistress [ice], i think her skill really suck , can u rebalance her to something else ?
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    Warlock 1.01b

    1.00 right now = 100 version since is start from 0.01 [not sure, i play since 0.5x version and it also has 0.51a 0.51b . . . 0.51f] . . several years already passed.
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    Jump Grand Battle V1.1B [15/07/2013]

    I hope hero skills will be more colorful than only "damage" + "stun" + "visual effect".
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    DotCa V. 1.02a

    Is it unique AoS like ageofmyths or riseofwinterchill? if yes i will try. if similar to dota both items and hero then i will pass
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    Warlock 1.01b

    Maybe using magma ball to push enemy then use lighting on hit to the enemy
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    Can u give me that russian map with reg file, please? i want to test it somehow . . .
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    Why dog eat its own poop, i read from some cartoon but i don't reallt get it . . .
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    Enfo's FFB Edition v2.11

    i think tempest is smoothly, is it occur only your comp?