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    DotA Allstars v6.46b

    Best map ever? Most hosted map ever. It's ok, but not so fun if played more then once every 2 days.
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    Nice, but can't we j ust use the elf ballista from ROC?
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    Stolen Map

    I can't realy host it more as I can't host at all, and my dad won't let me do teh poprt forwarding thing.
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    Stolen Map

    Sorry for posting this again, but I can't reply to my other thread. I made a harry potter map. ( However, today on battle net I saw someone hosting a changed vertion that stated a different author! He diddn't even mention me! If the sight...
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    Draenei Assassin(NOW WITH TC)

    t doesn't look like a drani. Drani have wrinkly faces and baleen. Thay are also more compleatly clothed. You should make the model off a drani. How do you know the warcraft drani are male? 3/10
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    Murloc Wars v1.3

    Ok, I tested it now. Suggestions: -Make abilities free, but caped so u can 't buy more levels of abilites than ur level, exe lvl 5 = 1 lvl 2 and 1 lvl 3 ability. -Sell warriors from the shops, which could be used to surround enemies. -Add baskstab for all units and heroes: You could...
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    Harry Potter Wizard War 1.02

    Ok, lol, I'll get my sister to go threw and fix em. I suck at spelling.
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    Battle-Field 1.00 (Map)

    Choose an army and direct a battle in a mountain pass. Get behind your opponents to defeat them, and do not ignore the forests on your flanks!
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    Battle-Field 1.00 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    WoW TD v2.0a

    TDs are only good when ur against another human, seeing wich teem can last longest. It also has to get hard faster.
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    Abomination Fight

    Errr... Does that discription realy cover the entire game? Is it a cinamatic map?
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    Murloc Wars v1.3

    Does this map have backstab for all units? If it doesn't it should. Makes all battles more interesting.
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    Mayan Wars

    There dosn't seem to be a very detailed map discription. I haven't played it, but I think u should make the terrain a bit more interesting.
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    Rostrodle Cavalier

    Warhammer owns, especialy lizzardmen. Caval;ier need a shiel.
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    Blademaster Wars 1.02

    Waht is it? I know a few ninja fight games, but they all have attacks and ww and stuff. I thought the fights in thoes were a bit short. Can you give a link?