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Last Activity:
Oct 27, 2013
Jun 17, 2006

Awarded Medals 1

Ger, Berlin
Studing & stuff... Growing up sux!!!!


Custom User Title, from Ger, Berlin

communist_orc was last seen:
Oct 27, 2013
    1. Septimus
      make a small lake over the water fall.

      And can you remove a black line in the screen?
    2. Septimus
      awesome dude, once the waterfall at upper right colour have been make a bit more clearer. I think the work was done. :D
    3. Deathcom3s
      Yup, that's why i did it.
    4. Paladon
      do you have msn, skyp, icq, something with which i may get you?
    5. CMarket
      Lol, I know it was a secret message.

      Thanks for posting it btw. :)
    6. CMarket
      Eh, it says that the resource is not available. Could you submit them on the pastebin in one rar so that I can download it all at once?
    7. CMarket
      Communist, can I acquire the chair models you were supposed to put in the same pack as the Bench you made?
    8. HailFireer
      Yea I made it. I just used some internet program i found. Saved the normal windows loading and then just tiped in new program. But I dont emember the link and stuff.
      Your avi is also nice. What you used? Photoshop XD
      And video is awesome.
    9. Septimus
    10. Septimus
      Still working at the loading screen? If you lost the loading screen, I would send it to you again.

      By the way, do you think you could make a few communist model? Hehe, I could use it for a cinematic
    11. Septimus
      whoa dude.. i though you won't online anymore.. remember me? XD.. how is the screen? XD
    12. onisaiyan808
      This is who we're missing.

      What happened?
    13. Septimus
      how is the result ?
    14. Ordworse
      Not the best idea:
      The Death Rooms won't be the countinou of Secret Rooms:S
      And Death Rooms will 5-6 level long, and I need 2 months or something to done the Death Rooms Campaign... 2 months without upload? :eek:
      BTW thanks the idea!
    15. syltman
      You made a good point, and I rep everyone who I see with a 9 in their rep points
    16. Squiggy
      Black Forest - I'd speak german but Ralle forbids -.-
    17. Squiggy
      It's snowing at my place -.-
    18. brad.dude03
      I was here before my join date, easy as that.
    19. Septimus
      cheer up dude.... if anybody piss you off with flamming/trolling, just report it to us. We mod/admin would handle it.

      go out and smell some flower if you're in bad mood, it could really calm you. That's what i did :briggin:

      oops.. haosis model not available at visitor message.. XD
    20. Septimus
      hahaha... why you change back to normal avatar ?
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  • About

    Ger, Berlin
    Studing & stuff... Growing up sux!!!!
    Current Project:
    World peace... Na, just kidding! im making a pizza
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor
    Live in Berlin, Listen to Ska/Reagea, Smoke Green... Emmmm tee and make models...
    Life is sweet!

    Mapping, Modeling (The sexy type^^)


    "And how do "holy balls" look like?? " ~ chilla_killa
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