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    Comment by 'Coldgamer' in media 'Acolyte of Life - Revamped Combat UI + Combat Showcase'

    Awesome interface! It is only slightly confusing to always hear the death sound when someone suffers damage
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    Zuldazar plant Pack

    What a sweet package!
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    Comment by 'Coldgamer' in media 'Warcraft III - Acolyte of Life revamped mansion'

    The new ligthning has much more atmospheric but I liked the carpets and the interior before more because the color matched better. I also always find that it stands out when when WOW models with their comic look are mixed with other models (like the carpet and fireplace for example). That is of...
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    UI v1.3

    You're a fcking genius and dream for map creator :grin: There is another function you could add -> Item description
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    UI v1.3

    Maybe an optional feature: Gold and Lumber Symbols can be set per path (currently they are fixed in the UI) because most RPG maps use lumber as talent point or something else :grin:
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    UI v1.3

    Just beautiful and awesome!
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    Tomb of the Dragon

    Played it today with my buddy, we used Version v1.01f so maybe some points are out of date. Pro: The overall look from every single map is just fantastic, there are so many cool ideas, we never got bored (I could tell so many things we liked but i prefer to remain vague to prevent spoilers)...
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    Relativistic Missiles [vJASS][LUA][GUI]

    Hey Chopinski, ty for this awesome system, it is really powerful. I just noticed that version 2.4 (and 1.5 Utilities) does not work with your hero spell system. I saw that it comes from the restructuring of the GUI version. Can you maybe make an example how I can implement your spells despite...
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    [Solved] Its corrupted, im soo done

    Did you have a crash by saving your map? I always lost all my Imports if I saved my map and had a crash (and then ur imports are lost). Nowadays I always create backups because of that shit
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    Spellweaver's Talent Kitchen

    I mostly also use GUI but take a look at the examples (especially the druid examp), in my opinion they are so easy to read/reproduce, even I could use this system :grin:
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    Comment by 'Coldgamer' in media 'Terrain for a Fantasy Life map'

    Crazy, I have never seen anything like this before
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    Comment by 'Coldgamer' in media 'Terrain for a Fantasy Life map'

    Sweet look but from a realistic perspective, there are maybe to much tombstones next to each other
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    Spellweaver's Talent Kitchen

    This my friend is absolut amazing! Ty for the druid example! Edit: Little question aside, how could I make like in wow a requirment of points set in a line? For example u have to set 5 points overall to unlock the 2nd line, 10 points to unlock the 3rd line and so on
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    Slimes (Constipating Edition)

    Very useful!
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    Spellbound's Custom Lightning Effects

    Just perfect and saves my day because reforged lightnings are still so bugged