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Sep 9, 2019 at 12:24 AM
May 9, 2006

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Cokemonkey11 — Wurst Reviewer

MEng Electronics and Software Engineering

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Sep 9, 2019 at 12:24 AM
    1. MasterHaosis
      Ah. How old are you both?
    2. MasterHaosis
      Aha thats good.
      How long are you in relationship?
    3. MasterHaosis
      But why in Latvia then? because she is from there right?
      You did not chose Latvia to be there as modern country or whatever. There must be reason, and I guess it is female reason actually :cgrin:
    4. MasterHaosis
      ,,California love!"
      So, you are American, live in Latvia with girlfriend and study in UK?
    5. MasterHaosis
      Ah, so you are from Latvia right?
    6. MasterHaosis
      Well not bad at all. I am busy with college, I will have some exams in next two weeks.
      Are you on college too?
    7. MasterHaosis
      How are you man?
    8. MasterHaosis
    9. Vengeancekael
      I can permanently delete it (only moderators can).
      Would you like me to delete it forever or reject it so that I can later on retrieve it?
    10. Bribe
      Heroes of newearth consumes like 2 gigs of ram minimum :-o

      Yeah a dual boot probably won't happen either. I'd rather dedicate my precious SSD gigabytes to as .little as possible
    11. Bribe
      Well I used Intel GMA 3150 for Ubuntu. I know that Ubuntu is not a good representation of Linux with the Unity desktop interface, but I have looked at some of the other popular projects (Mint, Gnome) and they look very good. If I was like 99% of Apple customers and was only using it for email, office productivity software and Internet, then Linux would be fine. But StarCraft II on Wine gets a huge deficit in image quality to achieve playable framerates and has many glitches to boot. I considered paying more for CrossOver which is a GUI wrapper for Wine, but since it is based in Wine and doesn't offer much performance difference if any, Linux is not ready for me.
    12. Bribe
      Well SeaSonic is among the best of the best. A lot of reputable brands, notably Antec, often rebadge SeaSonic PSUs and sell them as their own.

      Rosewill is a great brand anyway. I wouldn't be apprehensive about getting something from them. They are owned by NewEgg.

      I have tried a Linux dual boot a few months ago, and kept it for a few weeks, but Linux is not ready for me, if it ever will be. It is simply not suitable for gaming. I'm back to Win7 now, and the only thing I miss about Linux is the Internet security. But the font packages were horrible, the system consumption was horrible (I was getting 2/3 my normal battery life), the speed was phenomenally slow as well (Ubuntu).
    13. Bribe
      Hi there, thank you for your nice feedback. Have you looked in my signature cause I have made updates in the past few days.

      1) size of ITX is not a constraint, I only want one GPU and never want to CF/SLI. Ever. Also I only want an SSD and maybe in 1-2 years I'll add a storage HDD. I currently have 40GB filled on my 2-years old laptop even though I put everything I have on it, so 128 will be good for me, trust me ;)

      2) Overheating is no problem the case has front intake/rear outtake, great for ventilation and the i3-2120 does not produce a lot of heat much less when the Ivy Bridge i3 comes out and uses even less watts.

      3) The overall system will max out around 250w due to the low consumption of the i3 and the low consumption of AMD cards in general. Actually the PSU is 2x more than the system will load at, so yeah more wattage is just going to be a waste.

      The graphics card (6870) is much more robust than the 550 Ti which you linked ;)

      4) The power supply I picked *is* modular ;)
    14. Troll-Brain
    15. TheImmortalOne
      Nope, not working on BattleShips anymore. End of an era with SC2 I suppose.
    16. Ralle
      Better luck next time. Hope we get to play :)
    17. Klingo
      I will rewrite that :P
    18. ShadowFlare
      Hey! What happened to you?
    19. mateuspv
      Cokemonkey11, I thank his/her attention in the topic, I got to solve my problem, it was just my mistake...
    20. Nestharus
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