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  • Keep your eyes on the map section maybe, i could almost release it, but it's not half done, it's a book :D

    Yeah i know that too i've already tried to make game maps but i never really finished any of them, because systems and shit bores me:D
    Though making a cinematic goes pretty well:D
    I've only seen Pile of Ugly from you though i got to say you're one amazing cinematic maker, one of the bests:D

    I'm also a beginner cinematic maker:D
    Ohh.. CMarket is online at last.. hows your A PILE OF UGLY?.. do you have a plan to continue it and the Black Panther..
    Heya, welcome back CMarket!!! Can I ask if when you will by and chance make progress on your cinematics? Looks like your really busy....
    How about making Vampirism Cinematic? :)
    Got few ideas how it could be (about scenario), of course if you have time and wish.
    Good luck
    Take your time... if it means consuming all the time just to create a tremendous and perfected cinematic, I'll be gladly waiting for it!
    I like your cinematic The Clown of As'Latur can you make another map like that...i will appreciate (+Rep more than once) it's tense.
    Im here to support you. Ya know, I really want to learn how you make cinematics... are your cinematic maps protected or not?
    Ok, watched all of the Sect of the Holy Mother and this is the very first WC3 cinematic that maked me so emotional... and Im honest when I commented this.
    I liked your Lone Panther 1 and 2... It is like on the start this Henry Pediment is good and at the end of part 2. He wielded the dark sword (can't remember the name) to save his family from the pirates because Henry and the leader of the pirate (forgot his name) maked a deal when the leader died, his crew will sail off and kill Henry's family, Rowena and his mother. I think he liked borrowed the power of the Dark Sword to save his family.... For me, this is the best part of all! My emotions flowed into this. Waiting for your Part 3!
    I really like your cinematic, Pile of Ugly. For now, I'll be watching your other cinematics and maybe make a proper review to it. Gj, friend!
    Hey cMarket can you tell me from where are you i know its personal but by your name Nikola Luburic is there any chanse your from Serbia?
    Oh, can I ask why you're busy? oh well, if ever you have the time, just tell me or look at the thread :) btw we already have sounds, thanks to lordkoon :D
    Hey, I know that you're a great cinematic maker, so I wondered if you would like to be apart in making my project Alan Wake Please reply :)

    If you would help me, we should probably get some voice actors(or get some from the game itself), a terrainer, a triggerer and a modeller :)
    I am thrilled to see somebody else bringing Lynchian influence in WarCraft's universe. Care to share a word about a future project?
    Alright; update on my status,

    I have moved in and have a microphone. I have read through the dialogue and something came to me: I don't know where my character is moving... Every movement counts towards the message you're trying to convey, so now my questions is... Is there any way you can let me know how he moves? Even if it takes sending a copy of the map so I can go through the camera movements?


    I mean you have some of the actions on there, but I guess I was wondering if there was any others >_>
    Hahaha! Sečam ga se. Sjebali su ga načisto. Državna posla :cgrin:
    Mi ovde imamo oive korporacije: Merkator, Idea, Dis, Tempo, Maxi, Interex, Roda
    im making a yellow flower eventually, that may appear more ''holy''

    glad you like it any ways =D

    perhaps il be able to request services from you now as well >;D
    ok iv started it, its officially animated flower c.

    particles are all white the glows are all white, that stuffs all done now took 15 seconds, how ever the pink flower is more advanced, so iv used it as the base model, how ever il steal the blue flowers shape for the uv wrap after iv bleached it, give me a day and a half or more and il upload it, maybe a bit more idk not likely. give me time il keep you posted =D
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