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    Basic human sword

    from the game camera angles you cant tell the that pommel(ring) isnt attached, the grip on the other hand might have to specify as im not sure which scale is weird about it, i am aware of the bad wrapping on the grip, although it does look good from game cameras, i want to fix it just havnt...
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    Basic human sword

    after looking at it for a bit i think i accidentally flipped the sword the lighter area should be on the top fixing it rn Edit: Done. Edit2: IDK why but the polygon count shows up as 486 on hive while its 214 on blender
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    Basic human sword

    thank you my main problem was that i didnt know how to shade correctly its much better now
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    Basic human sword

    updated the sword and hopefully the lighting is all good now
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    Basic sword (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    Basic human sword

    sorry im trying my best this is my first model, i'll try again
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    Basic human sword

    thread updated, included a changelog, hoping its good now, as always any feedback is invaluable
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    Basic human sword

    ok i'll work on fixing it thanks for the feedback! just asking to make sure, plygons are "faces" right?
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    Basic human sword

    although i like it the way it currently is, i'll check how it would look if follow you recommendation thanks either way!
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    Basic human sword

    Thanks.....i guess?
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    Basic human sword (Model)

    Credits: Magos for his model editor fingolfin for his exporter Mythic for tips Guessed for his MDL/X converter made with blender feel free to edit for personal use, credit me [/SPOILER]
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    Reputation (+2): (Post) he mek gud map

    Reputation (+2): (Post) he mek gud map
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    League of Kalimdor II v3.40b (patch 1.31 ONLY) --- only classic W3

    great map with well thought out heros , abilities and gameplay also the shop system is amazing , just a great AOS that everybody should try
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    Dawn of Kingdoms

    is there a compatible version for 1.27?
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    Northrend Bound v1.85

    i dont understand how fix crash on load? it already closes if crashed what do you mean by exit and restart v1.27 btw