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    Need to stop rounding to integers in skill descriptions

    <RAWCODE,DATA,.> should do the trick. Using ',.' will allow it to display float style, not integer format.
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    No Unit Takes Damage = No Unit !?

    WEU doesn't have a working Any Unit Takes Damage event. I made one, I'll post it after this lecture is done.
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    NEW MAP Hands of Sorrow Knight -AOS,Recipes,Modes,Upgrades..

    Just a quick rundown of things I noticed: - A lot of uncredited skins in this map, though not mandatory it is often a nice gesture to give credit to resource makers. - Some really terrible grammar. I realize that you may not be english, but you can get someone to proof-read the stuff for...
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    What do you want out of an AoS?

    Balance shouldn't be an issue. Getting proc items won't be anymore powerful than castable or non-combat or pure damage items. In fact I think the majority of proc items will be more in the defensive end of things.
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    What do you want out of an AoS?

    Well I am spending a bit of time on terrain, because how a map looks is the first thing they see, if it turns them off they will never get into the gameplay. Now just something I am tossing out there, as a possibility. I reworked the generic damage trigger I made, so I can now detect with...
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    Trigger Question

    I think removing items only works on trigger added items. might be wrong though
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    You need help in anything? I WILL HELP YOU

    You might attract more people if you post some examples of your work.
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    What do you want out of an AoS?

    I have two shots of some quick forest area I was working on, I dunno if its gonna stay, but this is what I envision some of the previously mentioned "nodes" looking like:
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    What do you want out of an AoS?

    Lag eh? I dunno, I sort of like lag.
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    What do you want out of an AoS?

    Yes, I would appreciate that. And improveable creeps are definately high on the list for things to add(thats one of the benefits of the nodes I mentioned before). @Raszul, well I am trying to stick a bit of a story, so unfortunately the good vs evil thing will have to stay for the moment...
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    What do you want out of an AoS?

    Terrain is going to be a big thing. My friends are both working on it, one will do something then the other improves, and Whitehorn had offered to pop over it a little, so eye candy shouldn't be a problem. What sort of ability choosing system did you have in mind? Because however much I...
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    What do you want out of an AoS?

    I am remaking my old map, and I decided that instead of thinking of ideas I would go to the best source. The people who I hope to have playing it. Throw out any ideas(features, not heroes) you have for what would make the perfect AoS for you.
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    Just a question...

    Gonna need to replace the unit with another unit. Its the only way that I know of.
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    Dawn of Darkness

    They do automatically increase in power and number as the game goes on, those WERE intended as a bonus, but since they are so cheap....well I guess they need an increased cost.
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    Spell request. Doppelganger

    Well you can always just use the targeted mirror image effect and make it target enemy heroes. But that leaves them without their casted abilities. But if you trigger it you will have problems with adding the abilities and it may mess with some hero death systems you got.