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    1. MindWorX
      Here's something you can try: https://gist.github.com/TinkerWorX/dfa98340762cad308674
      Basically, I've added a try/catch block around the code. It's not optimal, but it'll give you some help.

      Also, you'll want to use newgen. The Start Editor is just some future thing, in case we ever need to update to the newest WorldEdit to make maps. :)
    2. MindWorX
      Yeah, your JassStringRet and JassStringArg er definitely mixed up a bit. You have to use JassStringArg when it's arguments and JassStringRet as return methods. It might seem a bit weird, but this automates converting from the internal JassString to C# Strings, which is a process that is different depending on if the value is a return or argument type.

      So lines like these
      private delegate JassStringArg HttpRequestPrototype(JassStringArg method, JassStringArg url, JassStringArg cookies, JassStringArg values);
      private JassStringArg HttpRequest(JassStringArg method, JassStringArg url, JassStringArg cookies, JassStringArg values)
      need to be
      private delegate JassStringRet HttpRequestPrototype(JassStringArg method, JassStringArg url, JassStringArg cookies, JassStringArg values);
      private JassStringRet HttpRequest(JassStringArg method, JassStringArg url, JassStringArg cookies, JassStringArg values)
    3. MindWorX
      Using old plugins is a problem. They are not loaded by the game, and all natives they add will be unavailable. Anything that doesn't implement IPlugin won't get loaded. Also, there is a chance using it on b.net will result in a banned account.
    4. MindWorX
      That's an issue related to security. You should have WarAPI and JassAPI in the plugins folder. Then for each dll, you have to right-click, open properties, and hit unblock. It's a windows security feature. I'm going to see if I can detect it in any way.
    5. MindWorX
      As far as I can tell, the JassAPI plugin isn't present in the plugins folder. Could you confirm if that's true?
    6. MindWorX
      I'm unsure if you need WarAPI referenced as well. If you require a plugin that uses WarAPI then you don't, but if you use features yourself from WarAPI, then you might.
      The Launcher.exe should work just like before as far as I can recall. If you look at the zip of the latest release, the .bat files included have the needed parameters which should make it work exactly like before. Also, Lidgren.Network is attached to the second post as well, and the only difference is that you can do [Requires(typeof(NetworkPlugin))] to ensure Lidgren.Network is loaded and present.

      Unrelated to your questions, but what's the best way to document features do you think? I'm trying to figure out how to do it properly with the least amount of work. I've considered simply a post with each module+core and then just a list of classes+methods with a short description.
    7. MindWorX
    8. MindWorX
      Hi Chief,

      I've added a Stopwatch example plugin to the main post. I hope it makes sense. Let me know if you need any help.

      - MindWorX
    9. MindWorX
      Hi Chief,

      TriggerHappy is using an older version of the API. I'm in the process of updating to a newer version. I'll do my best to get it out as soon as possible, so you have a better API to work with.

      - MindWorX
    10. Tleno
      Dear Chief_Of_GxBxL, recently the owner of the Daily Peon social group changed and there are new rules. Now, only users that really partipiciate in our RP can be members of our group. You have three days to become really active in our RP or to leave by yourself, else you'll be kicked out from a group by force. If you'll join DP, please read the rules and backstory. If there will be any questions, contact Alagremm.
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