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Last Activity:
Feb 10, 2020
Jul 30, 2013

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Chen was last seen:
Feb 10, 2020
    1. Sunreaver
      I will try it soon.
    2. Sunreaver
      WoW is monthly lol, so expensive. U must be a rich guy in the Philiphines
    3. Sunreaver
      U bought WoW ?
    4. rcshaggy
      Yep, I had my name changed. Still gonna use my old name for ones of the bosses in Outland if the book will allow the use of Outland in anyway.

      Kinda hopefully will work on a campaign after my holiday too and during.
      Yeah gonna use Illidan Stormrage as the hero of the campaign with a little of the underground at the start, then the corrupted forests of Felwood, and probably Outland itself.

      I found it interesting that Fenix came back, but I knew something was off. Yeah kinda interesting he changed his name to Talandar and become something else with the "With a strong heart"

      I got also the Collector's Edition for Legion and pee-ordered the book as well so I will have a project being worked on soon enough.
    5. rcshaggy
      Hey you long time no see!
      I am coming back for a bit, but I am deciding now to make a Campaign based on the new World of Warcraft book coming out called "Illidan".

      Have you been as well?
      Nothing much or anything new to report?
      Oh and yeah that is Fenix or a new name he has now since the times right?
    6. Eldin HawkWing
      Eldin HawkWing
      Would you like to join in RaCC Project map?Read this
      There many roles you can do
      Scripts,custom spells,AI etc
      Lore,plot,character design etc
    7. hiphop4eva
      Ok then, Robot Fenix.
    8. hiphop4eva
      O_O Robot Fenix
    9. Ardenian
      Are the hands really that difficult ? I imagine them easy, mesh-wise ( animation is probably horrible to do). Would you mind sending me what you have for now, the blender file ? I would like to try it, too :)
    10. Love Seeker
      Love Seeker
      I can't even join with him because I'm afraid of being inactive every 2~3 days :(
    11. Love Seeker
      Love Seeker
      Alot especially Rep xD
    12. Love Seeker
      Love Seeker
      Bro xD Update…

      Also you changed alot while I was inactive
    13. Love Seeker
      Love Seeker
      Hey check your workshop. ;D
    14. Ardenian
      Ah, that's great to hear :)

      Are you still working on your Diablo ?
    15. Stefan.K
      Just Warcraft modding and that kind of staff. Yeah, I'm busy with the college, too.
    16. Stefan.K
      Hi Chen. What's up? :)
    17. clockwork2
      OMG WTH NO I MEANT HEART OF THE SWARM GOD MAN! But daaamn, this makes things.... Unusual.
    18. Ardenian
      You do know you can pass the maintaining of the simple edit thread to someone else if you are too busy ? ^^
    19. Forsaken
      I'm fine too. :)
    20. Eagle XI
      Eagle XI
      If you could update the frontpage of Simple edit resources thread it would be great :)
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