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Chaos Death
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Jun 19, 2017
Apr 25, 2013

Chaos Death

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Jun 19, 2017
    1. Laderlappen
      waiting for the new version
    2. Bloody Wolf
      Bloody Wolf
      sure! and it was already a proper map dont be hard on yourself xD (was on a big ass trip)
    3. ZiGOR
      Hi! Listen, could you please share a model that you used in your map by "Hellion" unit? I realy like it!)) If it's not hard - please give me a link for download. Thanks ^^,
    4. Bloody Wolf
    5. Bloody Wolf
      Bloody Wolf
      heck this was a hell of a trip back and ready to taste some maps
    6. vince759
      Yes ! i played Your map, and that was Amazing !
      Great job!..
      Good Hero Defense..
      we Enjoyed it playing with my friends..
    7. Hell_Master
      Okay and when I played 10.69, it was easier though still got killed easily even of the lesser creeps, I think you should also lower down their damage by giving them a buff that lowers damage when at seasy difficulty.

      Will be playing 10.70 right now or maybe tomorrow because its night time right now here.
    8. Hell_Master
      Happy Holidays to you aswell. I shall be playing it now then!
    9. Hell_Master
      Weird but for me, they did not. I might try again but update your map first so I will just play it on that updated version.
    10. Chaos Death
      Chaos Death
      ok i've checked. it seems fine for me. all 3 picked Hellion as i have ==
    11. Chaos Death
      Chaos Death
      ok thanks for telling. i'll check it now
    12. Hell_Master
      Well, I pick early but for example I choose Hellion, the Malevolent Demon, the other 3 AI chooses Royal King. But when I choose some of the heroes, they mimic my hero just fine. I do not know maybe but maybe you missed some heroes?
    13. Hell_Master
      Making special events does not require you even vJASS, just GUI can do.
    14. Hell_Master
      I see then, that is great and also you should fix that because there are some heroes that when I picked, the computers does not mimic my chosen hero instead pick the Royal King.
    15. Hell_Master
      Let us see then on how it will go.
    16. Hell_Master
      Your choice, but I do think it would be good.
    17. Hell_Master
      I am sure that I will enjoy it more if the super easy would be less challenging.
    18. Hell_Master
      You should totally reduce the difficulty at Super Easy Mode. That alone will make me raise it to 4. This factor pretty much affects your gameplay because this mode looks really deceiving for a super easy mode.
    19. Hell_Master
      Finished reviewing it. Have a look in your map thread...
    20. Hell_Master
      Sure, sure. I'll be playing it now then. Expect a review soon.
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