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  • Hello I loved your idea of creating a campaign telling the story of Centaurs. It would be great if you could release the alpha files for a playthrough. Is the project dead though?
    Hahaha thanks deepstrasz! I'm making finally some headway progress with animations. They're still rough, but with YourArthas/eges96 assistance, I'm adding Birth/Death animations to my buildings and DecayFlesh/DecayBone animations to my units. As of this point, the roster is all finsihed, all units, and buildings... just adding these sort of polish so it's not missing them
    Hey, you should write on the profile of the person you're addressing the message to or use the @ before the username otherwise writing it on your profile won't be seen unless someone checks it :)
    Yeah... I really need to get back to this custom scenario/campaign mod. I got most of the standard Centaur army working with ported WoW Centaur models. I need to finish up the rest of the WoW centaur tent and large tent and sentry post models ported. After that, last time I was struggling with porting DOTA 2 Centaur Warrunner and Leshraq models.
    Although the Dota 2 and WoW centaur models look much too HD. Though if you plan to make the terrain HD, that's fine too.
    There's a few centaur models in the hive, and since it's only centaur models, I think you can request a bunch at the request threads.
    You seem to be able to handle this on your own. Notify when you important checkpoints in the campaign if you please, no one really pays attention to the centaurs roaming Kalimdor. You don't need my help :)
    That's some nice progress. I'm on the West coast.

    Okay, I know for a fact that you can't upload models from other games, but I'm not sure if you can use them in the maps.

    I tried to do some research, can't find it. Maybe you should ask around if your allowed to do that?
    Hey there, how are you?
    By the way, if you want people to see what you've said; you should reply on their profile, not yours. If you reply on their profile they get a notification.
    Hiya StoPCampinGn00b and SeedinAethyr!

    I feel very warmly welcomed and it's an honor!

    Oh, SeedinAethyr, I'll need much assistance with my project, I feel like haha.

    However, I partially fixed the WoW model animation importing/exporting. Seems like the M2 pipeline is more promising than the M3 pipeline I was mainly working with before. For now, the issue again is transparency alpha level: in Magos, MLDVIS, and even Warcraft III's own World Editor, the transparencies on models show up correctly. However, as soon as I enter Test Map, the transparencies are replaced with black color, bringing back rectangular black boxes/rectangles.

    Also, thanks to andreariona's help already, she directed me to PlayDota website where I made an account as well and sought help from Lionheart07 who finally led me to the DOTA 2 ripping tutorial I was looking for. I got most of the setup software correct, and now at last I'm close to being able to rip DOTA 2 models myself.

    So, progress is being made, I think. Once I get these WoW-WC3 and DOTA2-WC3 pipelines all figured out and at least all Centaur units, buildings, and Heroes done, I'll upload a Test Map with JUST Centaur race against other Centaur computer players and standard WC3 races (Orc, Human, Alliance, Undead), all for testing balance and fun.
    Welcome to the Hive CentaurWarlord!
    I hope you enjoy your stay here.
    If there is anything you need, feel free to contact me.
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