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    Heaven and Hell

    Hey, this is so cool! Love the platform mechanism and the whole terrain is just awesome. Do you mind if I ask questions? I sneak peek into your project and saw it like this 1) How do you get rid of the green terrain in-game? I checked the trigger but my guess it isn't from there? (I can get...
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    [Crash] List of WarCraft III Crashes

    Ohh, so I think my problem is that I create a new timer for each loop and forgot to destroy it. It does not lag or have any performance issues, but the rendering just stops and the Warcraft hangs. It stopped crashing after I destroyed the timer.
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    [Crash] List of WarCraft III Crashes

    Creating timers and not destroying it, even though the game seems okay, will cause the game to hang then crash. It happened to me in Typescript while developing spells and I forgot to destroy the timer
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    Setup Video/Tutorial

    Hello, I want to ask, after we set up a campaign, it's said "Install Succesful". Can we delete the original *.cque file?
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    Hosted Project: Quenching Mod

    Omg dude, you made me buy Warcraft III: Reforged, thanks for the hard work it's stunning!
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    Question: Programming sites and softwares, about the games

    I recommended Pluralsight. It is an e-learning website for programmers. The tutorials for what you're interested separated into a different short video of 1-5 minute most, and focused. It has a lot of courses like Unreal Engine, Unity, React, Vue, Direct 3D, etc. Try to register for a Microsoft...
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    1.32.9 PTR PATCH NOTES

    They've added the same thing that they already did in 1.32.8 (August 11): Warcraft III: Reforged Patch Notes - Version 1.32.8 which is Added a toast when a replay has been successfully downloaded.
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    [Spell] Adding special effects when using abilities

    Spells | HIVE ^ You might want to check on that, there are so many options you can start with. There is also a custom 'chain of' system, so you can make chain of storm bolt, chain of firebolt, chain of frost, chain of entangle roots, etc: Chain Spell Template This is also pretty useful Buff...
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    What is your favorite song at the moment?

    kinda like workout song, it's from DMC V Cavaliere Angelo boss fight
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    Hi, I'm Cel, I want to ask about content moderation. Is there any certain post threshold that I...

    Hi, I'm Cel, I want to ask about content moderation. Is there any certain post threshold that I need to reach so that my post won't need approval first from the mod (moderated) when I post? Thank you.
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    Hello everyone, since I'm new here please be kind. Nice to meet everyone!

    Hello everyone, since I'm new here please be kind. Nice to meet everyone!
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    Where are you from?

    Tropical land of Bali Indonesia
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    Been Thinking About Picking Up A Project

    You're doing great! I started by creating a simple information system, like a simple point of sales (sales/purchase), inventory logging system (recording in/out items), or maybe to record your financial activities for start? I learn a lot of basic programming and database engineering from that.
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    Favorite StarCraft II Campaign?

    Wings of Liberty was great, it's build the best defense and survive kind of campaign. The only thing that this campaign lacks is locked upgrade. Legacy of the Void cinematics are awesome. The protoss was superb. Cool units, cool building, the warp gate system is pretty cool. And you can use...
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    What' your Other Hobby?

    I collect PS4 games in physical form even though I lost my interest quickly on each game. It looks cool on the shelf