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    Fire Nova

    looks pretty cool
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    looks pretty cool good job :P :P
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    Do you see the thing that says number of skins? The ones that are more gold are the paths. glad i could help... :P
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    cool perfect for my cage of fire
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    gj on the sword it looks great lemme test it
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    as i said on another attachment U MAKE IT AN ABILITY WITH NO PICTURE ALOT EASIER.
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    dude dont make him with a plasma sword u should have to add ur weapon therfor you can have anything i liked model cause i could put my plasma rifle on him
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    pretty good model, needs a better skin and weapon.
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    inferno there is a much easier way to add the atachments. First make a custom spell lets say armor bonus then make the art-target the weapon then you change possision(right under the target) to lets say hand,then a new string,left there now change the number of attachments to 1 and the defense...
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    i like the model... ill use it for my new halo dota map coming out. 5/5 :twisted:
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    Soul Edge

    i take back wat i said it doesent work it floats obove my chars :x :x
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    Soul Edge

    GJ it looks really wierd i havent tried in my map yet :P :P :P :P
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    looks pretty cool i havent tried it yet but i think ill like it
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    ya i see the square but w/e i think its a good animation 9/10