1. Let's participate in the Texturing Contest #28 - Swamp Dwellers instead of sitting around getting covered in moss!
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  2. Cast a vote for the best warrior in the Concept Art Contest #11 - Poll!
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  3. Don't be stagnant - embrace change! The time has come to evolve and join the Techtree Contest #12 - Evolution.
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  4. On May 20th a new law about privacy and data processing comes into work in the EU. I am no lawyer and I need help figuring out if we comply and if not, what we must do about it. Please message me if you can provide any assistance. Read more. Ralle
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  5. I have disabled the media section until further notice. The latest downtimes on the site has been due to severely inefficient coding on the addon developer's part. Want it back? Register here and like my post.
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  6. Join us in our custom games night on Saturday, June 2nd. We'll see you on Battle.net and Discord!
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  7. The Cinematic Contest #7 results are up!
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