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  • ofcourse wtf's wrong with ur comp/JNPG? xD btw just give map and library and ill put it in the map. In "my script" you mean like not in any trigger but just on the map icon in the trigger editor?
    damn man, thanks ^^

    anyways man, can u help me on this? cus i cant seem to be able to post vJASS/JASS triggers to my script, it will put the text all on one line >_<

    trying to copy paste GetCamOffset() library >_>
    :D but if making a RPG your system is a must :D since i dont use blizzard cliffs then its good to have this because they are gonna be straight so know i dont need pathing blockers but they just stop when they try to move up :D its really ownage. But anyway self even there is like 6 arrow key movements on the hive they still got many DL's its so sad your only got that few :(. Your system is more than the best arrow key movement system worth!!
    oh yea man, that is fun, but thing is most people go for simple systems like arrow key movement, that have already been done a million times, i mean i created an Acceleration system, and it got only what, 140 DLs? while a spellpack got almost over 7k DLs, its pretty ironic; seems like innovation like this wont get me no where :p

    but yea man it is fun doing your thing and helping out people, feel unacheived if you didnt use your skills to create a map or something tho >_<
    hey man, i forgot to tell you i updated the unit acceleration system to v0.12, added an intial velocity and had destructable detection; sorry for the mess :p in ur post u said u were gonna use this in ur map, so i cant afford giving u a buggy version XD
    Yeah, kinda that way. I think about what I want to create and then simply create it^^
    Thanks that you like them.

    All my models are completly made from scratch, same for the textures an animations. I pretty sure I will fail if I try to edit an existing model hrhr. I'm not sure since when I'm modeeling. But on this level at least about two years.
    A dark forrest with some big scary trees and such u got any tips that could be usefull for making such terrains ? i saw ur works and i was really impresed^^
    ey u still interested in making me a cash system? I quit working on Betrayal Orpg, but I am making a different orpg that I wont release to public yet cuz not enough progress but u could still be in my credits =]. If so the heighest level is 120, and yes please if u could make the random number thingy
    i can make your cash system easily. What is the highest lvl you can be ?
    i can also make tables like if creep lvl in range of 1 - 10 it can gives a random number between 2 and 8 to copper etc...
    Hey, u posted on my orpg thread, I'd love it if u can help me with the cash system. Im not on that part yet but I'd love it if someone made the system while I work on other stuff. We would get it done faster, and u'd be in the credits hehe
    Yup, it should be done soon. I'm pretty busy with exams right now though. Just taking a min to go on internetz
    you saw the picture i posted in the "Need a loading screen" thread. I hope that you can make it to a loading screen for me.
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