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  • tell me what you think of the v3.3 when you try it out :D thanks for the idea sharing btw ^^
    sorry sir i want to ask something; yesterday i created a cinematic map with unit that use imported model. after a long time, i save it and get rest, but when i try to open it again, an error massage appear and said that one of imported model that i used was error, so it cant be opened, i restart my computer and tried many times, oh please can you help me with that? (sorry for my bad english and long text)
    lol i rly do need a tester tho, wanna see if the anti wall jump works
    So far you can't use buildings to jump over walls but I think it could still be possible
    Can you get on wc3?
    Ahh, but wait you shall :/
    It is going to take a while to get this project off the ground again.
    But yeah if you wanna help test I could really use a tester. (You will be in credits of course)
    haha I didn't think it was much of a big deal. But I will be semi-active. Logging in day to day to check in on the hive. Not much else tho.
    Well its just a bit JASS so far, The map is still 97% GUI, only the projectile systems is fused into a single engine. Also vJASS I had problems with implementing and I decided to leave it for now.. I may consider adding a grenade system in 0.90.
    I've recovered the map from oblivion, next time I upload some version in the pastebin and keep a backup on USB :)

    I put a recommendation for maddem with a recovery software if he is able to recover his disk. To bad to lose such a great map as MineralZ.
    hey, thanks for your input to my line tower wars map. =)
    is it really that popular online???
    and why is the non-elemental version not?
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