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    Battle of the Chiefs2.35

    Ty for the rating, ill think about what you said.
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    Your First Terrain?

    I think their really good :O
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    Hello and welcome to THW. You should try some THW tea some time. It is delicous.
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    A tasty Ice Cream Bar joins the hive!

    Hello, and welcome to THW... Can i eat you?
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    Battle of the Chiefs2.35

    Please comment on this map
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    Battle of the Chiefs2.35 (Map)

    This map is a 10 player map with tons of custom units and heroes. It is a war like map with large clashes in the middle of the map and with unpredictible tactics. The Objective is to kill your enemys Chief Builder. Updates: - 2 new modes added -panic and -heroes glory - Balancing
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    Battle of the Chiefs2.35 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Rookie terrain contest

    Psst... Change the first posts contestents so Rickys not there and add HerotoDLstuff
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    Terrain Challenge - Ashenvale - Poll

    Herio-san got my vote. His use of Doodads is great and i love the waterfall.
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    Which is your favorite race and how many levels you have on

    I also enjoy playing as the Undead. And I usually do random so i never know what race i'll get. I usually hope for Undead or Orcs and I do not do that damn annoying Blademaster Abuse.
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    Im new ! Drp3

    Enjoy the paradise which is THW
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    Random Statement

    I'm not up to date in Dota. And whenever i join their like "BOOT THAT NOOB!11!!!" And also there are so many good players at Dota that noobies (Like me) don't stand a chance and they are immediately crushed under the heel of pros. And no i never think dota will die out.
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    Broken Leg - Oh My God!!

    OUCH, that gotta hurt. Damn man but he did deserve it
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    Craka_J's Terrain Showcase

    Excellent, you deserve a hug, I also like #5 and i like #1
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    I cant host , why ? (please help)

    Hosting Probs Alright, My old modem was broken so i had to buy a new one. And on that old one i was able to host games on Now i have gotten a new modem and i have tryed hosting but it didn't work. I checked the ports and i had ports 6112 for both TSB and USB checked, I also hade both WC3...