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  • Very inactive, the other members are. (I just Yoda'd.)
    Well, there was this new guy that joined the workshop, but I haven't received much news from him.
    You might have to wait for awhile. The orders at the workshop are coming in like a fast food restaurant with only 1 active employee.
    Sorry 'bout that.
    Holy !!!
    That sounds damn cool <3 !!!
    Btw the name Malhorne is ripped off from a book ;)
    An immortal if I remember so it sounds even more cool :)
    And in my mind Malhorne reminds me some archangel or holy knight that sounds suit perfectly !
    Oh very thank you !!!!
    That's very nice of you !

    EDIT : Barry is a custom name on this forum but it is still a lot of honor for me :D !
    Wow, that's deep. If only he was a good guy.
    Your description of him reminded me of a Warner Bros. movie:
    So therefore, in your request, the Burning Legion is where the Hellfire Batallion hero guy is? And the story follows the Walking Cannon thingy, right?
    I'll truly try to redo them since my pc can't be access for the moment but each time I finish a spell I send you the test map, so I can do it faster.
    And then I'll stop taking requests I got too much :s
    I can't take spellpack anymore ^^'
    Hey! DZerpic is back as our lore guy after working on the FBF project. We now have a dedicated lore writer for you!
    It was not meant in a rude way lol. You never heard someone say that? its quite common when you game. It basicly mean in your face.

    people say something like "bitch please, I survived with 1 hp"
    personally, yes. The signature is kinda pointless.

    anyway I saw just pointing out the flaws ^^
    bitch please, selecting your sig makes it easy to read. Also its these not this :)
    Hello. I have a question about Shout of Despair:

    "How the spell works: point in a cone. Affected units take 50 damage but have their armors reduced. If the enemy units INT is lower than The Matron's INT, their armor is temporarily shattered, making it zero (lower by 25 if you can't) and rendering them Unarmored for a short duration. Play the banshee's death sound here."

    See the writing in red. How much is their armor reduced by when their intelligence is not lower than the caster?
    I don't think it does; it just blocks all damage while phased. Just to clarify: you want the hero to take NO damage while "hopping", except for DPS that was applied BEFORE the hero "hopped". This DPS damage is dealt at once to the hero once the "hop" is complete. Is this correct?
    Hello :D
    I have a question about Dimension Hop (Despair Demon spell pack). About stalling DPS; the best I can do is delay all damage taken and deal it all after the hop. Is this okay?
    Yeah.. Well hmm.. Cuz it's probably a game with serious fame.

    Anyways, Rubick is kinda cool hehe :D I mean.. he's not that bad as concept. The others ones you pointed out really suck though.. especially magina.. he's nothing like Illidan WOW.
    Try on the project recruitment.
    Anyway did you ever created spells ?
    You might look at some tutorials like deathisyfriend tutorial about GUI.
    Then you can take a look at my unofficial JASS tutorial xD
    I think you should search a advanced coder for your map if you will request many spellpacks ;)
    I don't say I'll not do it ^^'
    But since it is not my first business in modding I'm a bit slow and I think if you find someone to add to your team for your project it will be way faster for you.

    Anyway I'll finish one spell today.
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