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Oct 14, 2020
Apr 3, 2010

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Oct 14, 2020
    1. -Derp-
      Heh, essays are never fun. I know how that feels. ^^

      I sadly didn't draw Derpy, I wish I did. I have no artistic ability what so ever. :D

      The Toothless avatar, ah, How to Train your Dragon was pretty awesome, heck, I watched it over Inception.
    2. -Derp-
      Eh, still alive and kicking.

      How 'bout you?
    3. Mr. Bob
      Mr. Bob
      Hugs and kisses.
    4. MasterHaosis
      ,,the sky" hahahaha
      Here is Outland sky :cgrin:
      Well, nothing much here man. College. Life. Shits.
    5. MasterHaosis
      Hai man, whats up?
    6. 67chrome
      I'll right, I'll see what I can do about the waterfall.

      I'm also contemplating weather or not I should altar the wall skins so they have some detail on the top rather than being solid black. The black looks pretty good if the walls are surrounded by black, but in the city scenario and probably for the majority of the map they won't be :/
    7. 67chrome
      Eversor and Vita Nova sound cool. Generally swords only change names once, they maintain their original name when shattered, it just changes upon being re-forged.

      Oh also, I'm not sure I really like the layout of the temple in teh city so far because you can't see all of the statues without changing camera angles, but I think using the hero altars for the statues of the Gods seemed to work out relatively well, and it could offer an easy way to implement diabolic altars in maps to. So I'm thinking we should base our pantheon arouund said altars ;)
      (I'm not sure If I like the other 4 statues in the temple to much, probably should have used the keeper or huntress statue for one of them :/)
    8. Magtheridon96
    9. Magtheridon96
    10. 67chrome
      I figured I'd show you the City so far, wondering if you want any changes in it. I'm trying to make it extensive enough for a mission to take place in it. Also, like 80% of the weapon attachments work with the items in there, and I added tooltips for what I think could be cool effects on the items.

      From looking a lot of mythical weapons one thing that might be interesting is if the hero starts out with a legendary sword that gets shattered when you get betrayed, and throughout the campaign you have to gather various components to re-forge it. In most legends the sword picks up a different name when re-forged to.
    11. 67chrome
      Hey, if you can find a use for any of my skins be my guest ^_^

      I think the pastebin map I linked you should have just about everything I've done. Except a few unfinished things on my hard-drive. My techtree entry for the latest contest has better versions of some of the drow skins, but that's about it.
    12. 67chrome
      well, I did make pretty much all the units 60% of their original size, fitting multiple missions on the same map shouldn't be a problem. (I managed to get The_Entire_Map of Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow in WC3). That should save a lot of the space eaten by imports for each separate map file to, I like that idea.

      I was originally going to have a solid black tile on the tileset I imported but seem to have forgotten to put it in there XD
      (I've found making unused terrain solid black is a good way to separate different chunks of a map).

      Arrow key combos seem kind of interesting for accomplishing things, though without movement it seems kind of pointless. Could be cool to have different abilities do different things with arrow key combinations though. Like if you are holding [up arrow] when you cast [attack] you do a charging attack instead of just a regular one. Or with jumping maybe you just jump straight up by default and need to press arrow keys while jumping to go anywhere.
    13. ih4ck
      yow... haha it's okay! i'm gonna try it myself hahaha
    14. 67chrome
      Being able to move the hero without having them selected via arrow commands is also totally awesome. If we could get her other abilities to work without her selected that would be really cool as well, and allow players to actually check out the attributes of enemy units in the middle of a fight.

      If she doesn't need to be selected I could make a seperate model for her portrait to, and We'd only need to import it once rather than for each armor style change. If that's the case we could actually show attachments on her head to with different portrait models.

      But, I'm not sure you can get anything beyond arrow keys to work like that :/
    15. 67chrome
      Eh, sort of not. Deleted something important on my computer and now and can't get skype to work XD.

      I don't really want double-tap effects with movement, the ones in that map were cool and all, but meh. I would really like for the hero to be able to move sideways and backwards while still facing forward while defending though. Because that would be really cool, and the unit in the test map was able to do so if you tapped sideways really fast.

      Actually running with the double-tap and turning 180 degrees when tapping backwards twice was pretty nifty. I'd kind of want running to drain some sort of resource if it was implemented though, if not their isn't much of a point in moving slower.
    16. ih4ck
      can you take my request?
    17. 67chrome
      well, I don't really want to use the camera, mainly the arrow keys. I mean, the camera in that is really pretty great as far as rpg cameras go, but terraining for said camera type is completely different from top-down cameras, and I think top-down allows us to cram more in a map and make it look better.

      The double-tap keys for different effects in that map is pretty cool to, I'd like to have the sideways movent used when defending. But uh, I don't know any Jass DX
    18. 67chrome
      Ok, we should totally use this.
    19. rcshaggy
    20. rcshaggy
      So what do you think of having the Mists of Pandaria?
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