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    1. 67chrome
      Well, the whole idea behind the attack types was to make them universally applicable in such a way that they would logically effect a wide range of units with more dynamic weaknesses/resistances, and yes they are more magical and weapon based. Fortunately weapons play the biggest roll in defining a character class though.
    2. 67chrome
      For a point of reference SC1 had the armor types small, medium, and large. The attack types were concosive (100% vs. small, 50% vs. medium, 25% vs. large), normal (100% vs. everything) and explosive (50% vs. small, 75% vs. medium, 100% vs. large). Basically, infantry was small and vehicles and starships were large. the vulture, firebat, and ghost were the only units that did concussive damage, most missiles and explosives did explosive damage. Of course, with listing the weaknesses and resistances unit-by-unit the system is more similar to SC2, but I'm just saying. The same dynamic could probably be accomplished with using sharp and energy damage.
    3. 67chrome
      For listing the strengths/resistances of Undead, I've generally gone with Weak vs. Fire & Energy, strong vs. Cold, Immune vs. Organic.

      I'd imagine the Mt. Giant would be something like weak vs. blunt, strong vs. fire cold sharp, immune vs. energy, organic. Status: immune.

      For lightly armored units I generally have them weak vs. sharp, for heavily armored units strong vs. sharp and weak vs. blunt. I have ghosts completely immune to sharp, blunt, and organic. Basically all elementals and undead are immune vs. organic.
    4. 67chrome
      Sharp = slashing and piercing. Anything sharp.
      Blunt = bludgeoning, force, pressure
      Energy = electricity, holy, magic, arcane
      Fire = fire, acid
      Cold = ice, shadow, anything really cold
      Organic = bleeding, poison, disease, suffocation, radiation, parasites, anything else undead and elementals are immune to.
    5. 67chrome
      Weeelll, the 6 damage types I've been using are Sharp, Blunt, Energy, Fire, Cold, and Organic.

      Sharp is more or less "normal", as practically every weapon is sharp. As for the armor types, you just get to list the strengths/weaknesses of individual units in the caster-upgrade-art tooltip, so you get:

      Weak (200% DMG)
      Resist (50% DMG)
      Immune (0% DMG)
      Absorb (-50% DMG)
      Status (full duration, half duration, immune)

      Not listing a damage type in any of the caagories would indicate a creature takes normal (100% DMG) from the attack.
      status is not an attack type but the duration negative effects have. Generally, standard units is full, tough critters with roughly the same stats as the hero take half, and bosses are immune.

      I think Elite can be accomplished by just granting the unit in question more HP and higher damage, also heroes are essentially an Elite unit.
    6. 67chrome
      I like a resource for army management. I'm thinking we should turn lumber into that resource XD (but name it something different). Like glory. Or honor. Or Credits. Or Gil. Or Ruppies. Or something else XD

      As for the knights vs. archers, I didn't see many mounted units so far. I know what your getting at there though, but with flat armor effects giving decent armor scores to the knights and other melee units without giving them to the archers will effectively do the same thing. Perhaps the archers could gain an ability that makes them more effective at dodging hostile projectiles as well. I think Starcraft 1 is incredibly successful with unit rolls as well, and said game only used 3 attack types and 3 armor types (mostly just 2 came into play). If we can get a custom damage system implemented we will essentially have unlimited armor types to.
    7. Gekigengar
      screenshot from the works completed at the terrain workshop
    8. 67chrome
      For the army I think we should do something were we liberate different areas and get access to different units as a reward. I'm thinking of doing sort of mini-areas for something like that (maybe having them all on the same map). Could have the areas be racially themed to (dwarven area, elven area, etc.). Was thinking the hero could have a pet mercenary more like Diablo, were you could use it for solo missions. Perhaps we could build up to have more RTS play as the army grows in size to. Like start a mission were you solo the evil guards and lord in the area's great hall/town hall and then move your forces in to invade the larger occupying force. idk. RTS stuff seems to be your main interest in this, so I'll leave most of that up to you.

      Maybe with each unit unlocked you could pay for a cooler, more specialized unit but are only allotted the funds to unlock like half of them.
    9. 67chrome
      For the damage and armor types, idk. I kind of want the interface to stay consistent throughout the campaign so it has some sense of being the same game. For the units themselves I think you should slim down the force you have (especially melee unit wise) so the units can have blatantly obvious, non-overlapping rolls. The roll for melee units is generally just "tank". That way I could CNP some of them into the maps I'm using without to much trouble ;)
      I think you could do the force with 3-4 of the damage types I'm using (displayed via caster upgrade art) for the force, especially considering the lack of air units and buildings.

      With the size restrictions I'm probably going to have to remove a bunch of imported resources, skins seem to be the biggest files on the maps I've been working on atm. So condensing the army that way helps to ;)
    10. 67chrome
      Hmm, I was thinking of having the castle as the final map. Was thinking the progression would be something like:
      First map, you get to do some fun things with the army then get betrayed.
      Second map, you break free of some shoddy dungeon and gain a few allies (maybe we could use the dungeon from the town map I did, give some sleep and invisibility spells to sneak around and overthrow some oppressive guards and an appointed leader or something).
      Intermediate maps, you run around with the hero diablo style completing a few tasks to build up your force.
      Semi-final, you go all out RTS to defeat the bulk of the enemy army in a descivie battle
      Final, you enter the castle to lead the charge and take out the major baddies with side-objectives that help your allies clear areas for good and help them spawn in certain areas.
    11. 67chrome
      Ah, all right. I just figured since you added the text along the lines of "these are your units, use them well" it seemed like they were intended to be used XD

      If the units are AI controlled it hardly matters what their abilities will be, though if they can be controlled at any point I'd recommend just giving them really obvious names and basic functions. (Also, you should change the unit's soundsets to something more fitting).

      Also, it would be cool if the undead army used a lot of the units I'm putting in the castle. The projectile art you added on the crypt fiends is pretty cool, but they seem very reminiscent of wc3 undead. Also, I'd recommend changing the Talon Druid model to something like the priest or sorceress.
    12. 67chrome
      The names on the map seem interesting. Here is something I put together looking at your map, maybe we can use it for the loading screen of something. -->

      Anyways, saved it on a photoshop file so it's still really easy for me to change if you want me to modify it in any way to fit the storyline. It might be cool to add the camp and castle icons from the standard wc3 maps for smaller points of interest (thinking the levels) to.
    13. 67chrome
      Maybe something could be done were groups of units are selected as 1 (like have a group of 9 units organized 3x3, maybe the center one is selectable and the others fallow via some sort of locust thing). Or only have command over 10-20 units and have the rest of the army controlled by the ally. Or give one of the heroes a bunch of globally-effecting command abilities, so you could order all the units at once.
    14. 67chrome
      All right, good thing you changed the text color to something else XD

      The text bit about the one guy laying on the hey was a little wierd, perhaps you should change that around a bit.

      Also, the army seems entirely to large atm, from selecting everything in the editor it appears to be more than 400 units, and attempting to get units to go anyware takes forever. It could work in SC2 but not so much WC3.
    15. 67chrome
      Yeah, figured you meant that with the portal summoning an Ogre. It just seems like an overly complicated way of incapacitating someone though (also, since the main character is mostly melee and liable to get bonked over the head while fighting on numerous occasions, I'm sure their are better ways to take her out).

      What do you mean by a scale up on the surroundings btw?

      Also, could I see this cinematic you have finished?

      And uh, what statues did you ask about as existing as models? If it's the 9 in the chapel, I think there is an animated model of the Altar of storms (I've seen it in a techtree contest). And the Keeper of the Grove and Huntress statues have obvious animated counterparts. Not sure about the others though.
    16. 67chrome
      For the castle stages I think it would be cool to have a quest for each area that ties into aiding an army to actually invade the castle. For the castle entrance it would be pulling levers to lower the drawbridge so invading forces can enter, and later defeating the first necromancer boss to stop spawning footsoldiers. For the castle walls have the hero kill like 25 archers, and maybe help set up ladders or defend ladders leading up the walls. For the chapel maybe appeasing some of the gods/getting them to favor your team. For the garden/courtyard area destroying hostile siege weaponry, for the dungeon freeing prisoners, etc.
    17. 67chrome
      I'm not sure about using a portal to stun someone, portals in general seem like a spell that should have a really long casting time. Though saying that did remind me of the Ninja Ogre Samewise did XD. Maybe we should just have the nemesis use a spell that explicitly stuns someone though, like sleep, hold person, petrify, etc. In more than one fantasy-based comic I've read spellcasters just say the name of the spell their casting when they do so, which generally works to avoid confusion.
    18. 67chrome
      So, I pretty much finished the floor layout for the castle (linky linky)
      I've been playing around with a few boss ideas and think that the actual council members should start appearing as the second half of the bosses, re-using the first 3ish bosses as lesser minions on the second part of the castle just seems like to much fun. I haven't really been able to come up with much of a theme for any of them though. There are a decent amount of demon models in WC3 though, perhaps the vast majority of the council could be actual demons? (Pit lord, doom guard, demon hunter demon form, dread lord, etc.).
    19. 67chrome
      All right, sounds interesting. I'll see if I can work something out with the bosses then.
      Anyways, here is the Map so far
    20. 67chrome
      Oh hey, I remember you were saying something about an evil council/council of 9 that sounded pretty cool. I've started working on the final stage castle map and was wondering if you had any specific units in mind for said evil council members.
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