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Last Activity:
Jul 14, 2019 at 11:27 PM
Apr 3, 2010

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Standard Map maker

Brambleclaw was last seen:
Jul 14, 2019 at 11:27 PM
    1. DsDarkMaster
      you know like warchasers that sort of style
    2. DsDarkMaster
      well when you want and its best for you you can start terraining it hoping to get beta out this week you dont need to start for a while because demon defence will be buggy proberbly
    3. DsDarkMaster
      are you still up for working on CoC? because demon defence is almost in beta stage
    4. UndeadImmortal
      Forget about the "Icecrown DotA", I already asked Pyro about that :cgrin:
    5. UndeadImmortal
      Brambleclaw, :cgrin: I have a request, I want to join your project: "Icecrown DotA" :cgrin:
    6. rcshaggy
      My fave ponies are:
      Derpy Hooves
      Princess Luna
      Rainbow Dash
      Pinkie Pie
    7. rcshaggy
      Thanks for the rep, and do you want to know my favorite five ponies?
    8. UndeadImmortal
      Same Avatar like me, :cgrin:
    9. Xian
      Hey brambleclaw,whats up?
    10. Mr.Foxy
      ? What are you talking about ?
    11. rysnt11
      Thanks bro, you really helped me a lot with the terraining workshop...
      I'll help you asap when i'm outta this hospital..
      Hope the doctor's suspect is false, or i'll never can do any wc3 related things anymore...
    12. Apheraz Lucent
      Apheraz Lucent
      3, actually :D
    13. Apheraz Lucent
      Apheraz Lucent
      I haven't earned my reputation (Not gem one) if I haven't did every single thing I promised. You should also be aware that I am not going to make something crappy, just to fulfill my word. I am going for the winning entry.

      I just needed to say this, sorry if I sounded unfriendly.
    14. 67chrome
      yea, sort of running out of steam for working on the campaign contest. I think I still want to continue with the Final stage map, but make it more were you just control a single unit, and were it's a non-campaign map.

      I'm not to sure about joining another contest. You can use any of the maps I gave you for whatever though ;)

      Oh, Mechanical Man asked me to test a campaign for him that actually seems kind of cool. One of the features in it is that you control groups of 6 units at once for the non-hero units. You should totally volunteer to test the campaign out for him. Because that control-multiple units with one unit thing was really nifty. Also, you seem more interested in the RTS aspect, and that's what said campaign was more heavily based in.
    15. rcshaggy
      Why is your profile all green? LOL...
    16. 67chrome
      Oh, chaos damage. I'd personally go for a more alignment-neutral name for something like that so it can be logically applied to a wider range of units. Or just still call it chaos. It's basically "normal" damage though, as it is completely unaffected by armor types, which sort of defeats the purpose of having damage and armor types a little bit.

      That said, for a damage type like that perhaps we could make it more like True Damage from League of Legends, were it if completely unaffected by armor and always does the amount of damage it is described as doing. Would give it a unique spin and make it more strategy-freindly. Massive armor penetration units, yeah.
    17. 67chrome
      I don't really like the idea of having shadow/demonic/evil as it's own damage type though. There is almost nothing it can be good against, considering just about every unit seems either neutral to an alignment system or evil. Also, evil damage is more or less a spin off of other magic types: ie green fire, purple magic, red lightning, bloody splats, disease. Maybe you could use Fire in more of a pivitol roll in the units, as it seems to be a more neutral element. Organic fits the bill for something that is either beneficial to undead or doesn't effect them evil damage type wise, I'd use cold damage for shadows with a sort of chill from the void/space reasoning for doing so. For energy using the finger of death red lightning works.
    18. 67chrome
      Well, the whole idea behind the attack types was to make them universally applicable in such a way that they would logically effect a wide range of units with more dynamic weaknesses/resistances, and yes they are more magical and weapon based. Fortunately weapons play the biggest roll in defining a character class though.
    19. 67chrome
      For a point of reference SC1 had the armor types small, medium, and large. The attack types were concosive (100% vs. small, 50% vs. medium, 25% vs. large), normal (100% vs. everything) and explosive (50% vs. small, 75% vs. medium, 100% vs. large). Basically, infantry was small and vehicles and starships were large. the vulture, firebat, and ghost were the only units that did concussive damage, most missiles and explosives did explosive damage. Of course, with listing the weaknesses and resistances unit-by-unit the system is more similar to SC2, but I'm just saying. The same dynamic could probably be accomplished with using sharp and energy damage.
    20. 67chrome
      For listing the strengths/resistances of Undead, I've generally gone with Weak vs. Fire & Energy, strong vs. Cold, Immune vs. Organic.

      I'd imagine the Mt. Giant would be something like weak vs. blunt, strong vs. fire cold sharp, immune vs. energy, organic. Status: immune.

      For lightly armored units I generally have them weak vs. sharp, for heavily armored units strong vs. sharp and weak vs. blunt. I have ghosts completely immune to sharp, blunt, and organic. Basically all elementals and undead are immune vs. organic.
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