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Oct 30, 2012
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Oct 30, 2012
    1. TheWhiteWolf
      yes, and i entered them using Jump.
      Tip - add some kind of healing
      Bug - you can jump over walls and exit the area

      btw, please, test my map, i posted a new wip; looking forward for feedback :D
    2. Magtheridon96
      Yeah, there are never big differences for individual systems, but when you have about a couple of hundred systems put together, those function calls depending on how numerous can be the difference between a slide-show, and smooth gameplay.
    3. Magtheridon96
      Because repeating function calls is inefficient.
      Storing them in variables would increase efficiency.
    4. Magtheridon96
      I actually wrote an incredibly long text telling you how to do it, but I closed that browser tab, and now I'm incredibly frustrated :<

      Set your resource to "Pending" by just updating it without any changes to remind me that I have to re-review it.
    5. Magtheridon96
      Well, in order to make it user-friendly, what you can do is use a hashtable in your system to store data.
      For a user to add something to the system, on map initialization, he would save data to the hashtable.
      Unit-types are integers and so are abilities.
      Store the ability that should be added to the unit (the custom burrow one, meaning that you wouldn't be using one ability with different levels) in the hashtable while using the unittype as the first key and 0 as the second key.

      Instead of having that large if block, you would just load the ability from the hashtable and give it to the unit.
    6. sonofjay
      I know :psmile:
    7. sonofjay
      Man how can you post that fast?

      Posts Per Day: 45.51?
    8. Sverkerman
      Press my signature. Go to the Dualism Development thread. In there you can read about Beta Testing and there is like a form to fill.
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