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Oct 25, 2017
Jan 29, 2010
Jan 17, 1986 (Age: 34)


Well-Known Member, 34

Booody was last seen:
Oct 25, 2017
    1. Judirek
      Booody thank you for still updating the game the d3 font I must say is very cool also the new visual for the seismic slam :) suggestions: Barbarian - cleave should be much like tidehunters 3rd skill(DotA) not a target skill but a automatic cast of course melee and ancient spear should be like butcher's 1st skill(DotA) a fix range because ancient spear in this game when pointed to a limited range for example 400 range the spear will only go 400 range not like pudge's hook when pointed even at melee range his hook will extend to its maximum range which is 1000 range. Maybe war cry and battle rage should be change into offensive skills like Bash, Rampage, Frenzy, Hammer of the Ancients, Rend, Taunt[just like Axe's 1st skill(DotA)], Call of the Ancients, Earthquake, Wrath of the Berserker for more info go here http://d3db.com/pc/barbarian remember I'm only suggesting. Thank you for the map and D3 is still beta right it's still long from full so please continue. ^^
    2. Bugz
      Cool D3 map's :)
    3. indomitable1319
      I love ALL of your D3 maps.
      Great work with them. :)
      I favored the Demon Hunter the most, but mostly because of Grenade, then I grew fond of Bola Shot. :)
      Anyway, thanks for the creating one of the best maps I've ever played. :D
    4. Raging Ent
      Raging Ent
      Hi there,

      Could you do me a favor and PM me when you get online?
    5. Vengeancekael
    6. Vengeancekael
    7. Judirek
      Thank you very much booody for the update of the D3 PvP arena 1.02. I am very grateful for listening to my suggestions but all credits should go to you!!! ^^
    8. Booody
      It will be another update for all my maps. But they will probably be the last updates. Then the great Diablo III Project is completly finished. I will probably do no more maps. I have no time for it. Establishes the necessary Diablo III will be released soon. At the moment I play Dragon Age and then I will play Dragon Age 2. I wait for hellgates Disintegrate, a few models from other people and the grammatical error fixing of Ironforge. Then I can complete my maps.
    9. The Waffle King
      The Waffle King
      Sup, Diablo III Bastion Keep progress?
    10. Booody
      The map is updated now :)
    11. 88WaRCraFT3
      how's going new update for Diablo III Arena ?
    12. Gekigengar
      hey Booody, i would like to take permission to use the blood smudge model (the bloods on the floor) from your map, any idea where to get them? and who to credit? (The Gelande Blut) model from ur borderlands. (i saw it when i was making the time sphere n disintegrate)

      anyways, i am pretty amazed for making that awesome landscape with only Wall end Brick model hahah :D I never expected that.
      i thought most was imported models. xD great use of wall end lantern and wall end post ! xD. i really hope to have a terrainer like you :D where do you learn terraining?


      i was thinking of a skill swapping on F2..
      but its pretty complex and will take a lot of space, so nevermind lol.
      + there is some problem in bola shot, sometimes it doesn't explode.

      but nevermind, your map is fine as it is ! :D good job.

      btw, there is many waits in your monster triggers, that will be bad, you need to rework the triggers to make it MUI (since its used by many monsters).
    13. Booody
      I thought it is time for some new skills. I thought the skills Bola Shot, Meteor, Acid Cloud etc. are cool. Who wants to use the other skills he should play the old parts of my campaign. But the heroes get stronger and learn new skills. In the next versions I improve some rune effects. But how can I create such a skill swapping system? The integration of more skills needs more triggers, more variables and more memory. In the PvP map the skills are very important but in the PvE maps there are many other things that consume memory (trigger systems, monsters, boss skills , events, impressive landscapes).
    14. Gekigengar
      i am glad the time sphere is fixed! :D, i see some skills that i like is missing, is there a way to choose your Q W E R Skills?

      i like wizard's twister, and also the meteor rain from older series (From New Tristram & Borderland), but the skills is changed in this version, why not put some skill swapping system or something? :)
    15. Gekigengar
      well, okay, xD, i am not sure of the disintegrate, but i do think the problem lies in importing, as i uses custom function, it is very hard to import, make sure you added the things in Initialization. did you add the "set udg_DummyItem = CreateItem('phea',0.00,0.00)" and "set udg_DummyRect(-32.00,-32.0,32.0,32.0)" and hide the Dummy item? it is essential for the system, and make sure you copied the garfield1337's code on the topmost trigger (map name).
      i used that custom script.

      could i try importing it? :D i imported this to my map actually, and it works fine x).

      thx for fixing the time sphere..!
    16. Gekigengar
      anyways, is something wrong with the disintegrate>?
      lol, anyways, i still see something wrong with the timesphere, don't tell me both the time sphere skill and force push is based on the same skill? (the last time i see it was both fan of knives (For both time sphere and Force Push) so it made a lot of timesphere if you spam the T hotkey (Since both spell will naturally be Triggered when one of them is cast (Same Order ID of fan of knives).), i suggest using diffrent skills such as channel, like the one i made on. with diffrent order id.

      if there was an unprotected map, i could look up for the prob.

      and lol, how come the buff name is still Chrono slow (when you put elite alabaster with the spike trap), at least a little name change would be good.
      well.. sometimes bola shot doesnt trigger.. it doesnt explode, can you fix?.
    17. x3J.L.
      Boody could u pls make diablo map into an orpg?? it would be widely spread by me in garena rooms and i can give suggestions :(
    18. Judirek
      The links sorry I compiled it here they are: barbarian http://d3db.com/pc/barbarian demonhunter http://d3db.com/pc/demonhunter monk http://d3db.com/pc/monk witchdoctor http://d3db.com/pc/witchdoctor wizard http://d3db.com/pc/wizard The models of their counterparts can be seen in the official D3 site and I know that you seen them so please when you by any chance grant a 5v5 on your PvP arena please also put their counterparts( I know its only 3 on 3 in the real PvP ) but please many of my friends can't join. Please also make a Game mode like: Standard -> choose how many rounds, Kingofthehill -> choose how many kills in a round, etc. you should decide because you are the one bearing this game and lastly if you wanted me to stop messaging you please post it here so that I may read it then will stop in annoying you. I'm happy to know the game so please continue in balancing and remember I am only suggesting. ;D
    19. Judirek
      I know a site where there are official info of skills used in the demo in D3. Go to d3db its a database. Here are the links of the skills of all characters:http://d3db.com/pc/demonhunter,http://d3db.com/pc/barbarian,http://d3db.com/pc/monk,http://d3db.com/pc/witchdoctor,http://d3db.com/pc/wizard.
      I would humbly suggest to following: store for weapons(http://us.blizzard.com/diablo3/media/screenshots.xml#128), skills visuals eg. entagling shot(http://us.blizzard.com/diablo3/media/screenshots.xml#138) binds minimum of X players. Dash for a escape mechansm of monk. Time for each round too long of waiting. Rage too low. Hammer of the ancients(http://us.blizzard.com/diablo3/media/screenshots.xml#114). I hope you aren't mad at me for doing this I'm just somehow expressing my innerself. Thank you alot for making this kinds of games in wc3. :D :D :D :D :D, (^^) (^^) (^^) (^^) (^^)!!!!!!
    20. Judirek
      I'm very sorry for putting these messages please understand me for I have an itch in waiting for D3 and moreover the PvP is really played alot by now( by me w/ friends, people who saw us playing, other people who knows D3 Pvp arena). I'm hoping that you will make it 5 on 5 cause the obstacles( columns, pits ) can be VERY ANNOYING for it can be used as a mechansm of sorts like chasing that'll prolong time and the dead players waiting for next round are stuffed by boredom. There are also bugs like other team can use skills while the other can't. Skill runes are cool. I'm gonna type my suggestion in my next message.
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    Jan 17, 1986 (Age: 34)
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    Diablo III Bastion's Keep
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