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    Jass Multiboard unique to each player

    Hello, I am having an issue getting a multiboard working so that each player has a unique multiboard. The multiboard for player 1 loads, then when I have the one load for player 2, the multiboard for player 1 disappears. I have tested this as player 2, and that multiboard does appear after 10...
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    List of current API (patch 1.29)

    Hello, I am looking for a current list of API for world editor. I have found the below link but it looks like 2005 was the last update. Is there a more current one somewhere? JASS Manual: API Browser - Functions in common.j Also with patch 1.30 possibly removing MPQ files, will that prevent...
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    Post your CUSTOM UI

    I'm not trying to flame, but I would like to see a link to a post made by a blue saying it is illegal to use WC3 models/icons/etc in SC2. I'm pretty sure I have read that you can't use WoW models in WC3 however, but I maybe wrong on that.
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    Just a question

    Just a question or two Just a question about the editor. Can you make a unit attack with both arms (zelot for example) but one arm has a 2 second cooldown and the other a 1 second cooldown? Can you edit a tooltip with a trigger or have equations in them {2+2} with the tooltip showing "4"?
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    MUI Advanced Equipment System (+Save/Load +Event)

    it still has a 3 ability limit...
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    Do you have a (legal) copy of the beta?

    got it but need the 4th patch, the downloader isnt working. someone upload the file named "sc2-" its in the starcraft 2 beta\updates folder PLEASEPLEASE!!!!!
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    can someone upload patch 4 for me

    I just got into the beta but i cant download from the blizzard manager. Just upload the file that you get when you update to patch 4. I cant download it with the download manager =/ it should be named "sc2-" just upload it to or somthing...
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    Give Starfall a Missle animation

    like tranquility? i don't know another spell that work like starfall besides that, unless you mean like warstomp, which i have no idea how to edit to shoot missile as well
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    Give Starfall a Missle animation

    How do I change star fall to make it appear as a missile shoots from the caster to the targets, instead of a missile fall from the sky to the target? So for example Instead of when starfall is cast a bunch of starts fall out of the sky onto random units, a firebolt shoots out of the caster...
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    Unit % life range check GuI

    Okay so I want to add a condition that X mob does Y attack when at 50% hp, but the map doesn't count it 50% Hp if he goes from 51% to 49%, how do I make it a range, 47-53% for example? In GuI please.
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    MUI Advanced Equipment System (+Save/Load +Event)

    So your system is amazing. The only problem I am having now however is getting more then one player to equip items, i have player 1s hero set to variable U and player 2s hero set to variable u2. I'm no pro at jass or anything but from looking at your code I don't think your system works with...
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    [Trigger] Quest GuI help

    wow thank you very much Pyritie that makes it a bit easier. Bandit Camp Events Unit - A unit enters Bandit Camp <gen> Conditions (Triggering unit) Equal to Paladin 0000 <gen> Actions Cinematic - Turn cinematic mode On for Player Group - Player 1 (Red)...
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    [Trigger] Quest GuI help

    Init Events Time - Elapsed game time is 5.00 seconds Conditions Actions Cinematic - Turn cinematic mode on for player group - player 1 (red) Camera - Pan camera for player 1 (red) to (center of Chieften <gen>) over 0.00 seconds Game - Display to...
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    [Trigger] Quest GuI help

    So I have a quest that has 11 triggers in it 4 are for dialog options (that can be trimmed down to 2 i think). I think my quest can be made with less triggers but I have taken a break from triggering and I think I forgot how. And if you can see any leaks please tell me, I think its leakless but...
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    StarCraft II Galaxy Editor

    the 3rd person was fucking amazing!! They need to allow tooltips to be changed in game and this shit will be perfect.