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    Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2D(5)

    friendly-attack can be usefull for example against the ice cage of the last thief dungeon boss.
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    Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2D(5)

    Pete (questgeber at the entrance of the village) isnt invulnerable like all the others. The magican "can" learn frostcage in the village but he has it since start at lvl1. And i think that the taunt of the sqire not always hold the aggro for 4 secs.
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    Monster Master RPG

    and when will this glorious day be? :grin: i think i do it like Solst1ce said and fuse with average lvl 25
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    Monster Master RPG

    sry i'm to lazy..^^ FL 40+ and lvl30 is very much for rank4 spells.. damn they must be uber strong o.O i know that t3 lvl 30 monsters must be difficult to catch but even t3 monsters under lvl 30 are difficult to catch (btw there arent any t3 monsters under lvl 20 or even 25 or im wrong?)...
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    Monster Master RPG

    Thats caused by the new patch... many maps need to be rescripted to work again.
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    Monster Master RPG

    Hallo, ich finde deine Map verdammt gut, sehr schönes Werk!! :grin: Eigentlich wollte ich seit gestern hier mal was geschrieben haben aber das liegt jetzt mal außen vor. Ich will dich nicht beunruhigen aber vllt hast du schon von Neuerungen des 1.24 Patches gehört. Es gibt (oder eher gab)...
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Gute Maps / Nice Maps

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Gute Maps / Nice Maps
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    Upadoro TD v0.985

    I dont know if that always happens but all players got a fatal error when i upgraded the second "ulti" tower of the The Mercenaries (the far seer).
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    Synergy RPG v.0.09A

    You remember this: ? Why did you stoped this map so suddenly without any informations?
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    Angel Arena Brawl?

    The mapsize maximum to play it in is 4mb
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    Age of Wonders-VoW v1.6

    Or just make more advises that show you what you can buy/learn^^
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    Age of Wonders-VoW v1.6

    while we are at the topic "mapsize"... i cant imagine that this map is already nearly 4 mb great that seems a bit too much. somtimes the map gets more laggy every 2-3 minutes until i cant do anything (i dont have the best pc i know but that shuoldnt happen). maybe there are some wrong or too...
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    Age of Wonders-VoW v1.6

    Is there a site or email for bugs and other things? I noticed that: -there is no Axe Grand Master Shop for the evil team (team 2 with orcs and undead). -You can rapidly pick up weapons that you cant carry and get more and more dmg for some time that makes killing enemys easy.
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    LotR Battleground Melee v1.2

    and instead of men and elves you can name it Rohan and Gondor. hmm that reminds me on battle for middelearth :grin:
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    HoP: Brawl v.7.2

    the download speed is subjected to the upload speed of the currently uploader (most time the host) and the download speed of the downloader... or you say to the downloaders that the should get the map here that the fastest way of downloading in all cases^^