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Last Activity:
Jan 15, 2011
Jul 6, 2008


Palladin of Creation

blackricc was last seen:
Jan 15, 2011
    1. utror12
      haha I dunno :P, now I am at a LAN :P
    2. utror12
      I'm pretty good, am sick atm becouse of the vaccine D:
    3. utror12
      Hey! mate, you still alive?
    4. Code Lyoko
      Code Lyoko
      Hai blackricc! :D How are you?
    5. Code Lyoko
      Code Lyoko
      awesome avatar you have there, blackricc! :aa:
    6. Hakeem
      Hello blackricc.

      Please note that The Hive Workshop does not support the deprotection of maps. This site is not to be used to facilitate that purpose.

      I think you got the wrong forum altogether. :P
    7. Misha
      i dunno... your problem defies logic '~'
    8. Misha
      then i dunno..... if you still can't find war3Patch.mpq in your warcraft folder then cheat, CnP the war3x.mpq (or w/e is called) and rename it to "war3Patch" '~'

      or.. if yo have war3Patch.mpq in your warcraft folder, then delete magos and get a new one from the site C:"
    9. Misha
      have you downloaded a patch SPECIALLY for Frozen Throne? o.O
    10. Misha
      Mhm yes ^_^;; you don't need cracks for game, instal war3, instal frozen throne, run a patch and it should be ok ^_^;;
    11. Misha
      well i'm trying to get it on Pastebin <xD

      but the version is TFT 1.22a

      EDIT: Pastebin failed completely
    12. Misha
      D'ya think B-net updates anything? :D No x3
    13. Misha
      noup, then everyone will start makin' models, and bad ones too. x3
    14. Misha
      i give up, i'll send you thst when pastebin stops fuckin' around =.=

      No i speak german
    15. Misha
      Blasted Pastebin =.=' It always has to screw something =.='
    16. Misha
      oke... send me a PM while i wait for the stupid pastebin to loooad >.>;;
    17. Misha
      mhm... i could send ya... if you're up to react immediately ?=3
    18. Misha
      well it seems that your game requires patching in order for magos to work...

      i suggest installing a Patch, but not the newest, because it's proven to crash a game. >.>
    19. Misha
      Khm... In order for Magos model editor to work, you must have instaled war3, frozen throne and a patch on your computer. When all that is completed you'll have the "war3Patch.mpq" file, wich the magos won't work without.

    20. Misha
      ..... gonna ask you sumthin' 'bout your editor prob.

      D'ya have da War3Patch. mpq file oO
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    Current Project:
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Scarlet Crusade
    well i am a young guy with muscles pretty fast charmy but when i get mad u should get out of the way....or get slain.


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