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Mar 30, 2020
Jun 21, 2009
February 6


StealthToast, from Greece

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Mar 30, 2020
    1. HOooDy
      heres the condition ... : You should put the well merchants and secret shops the mobs and bosse to the mountain side and the bosses put the raise the cliffs and ill put the doodads and the tilesets ...... Agree ... Oe not ! Im soooo Busy men !
    2. EloTheMan
    3. Magnet199
      um, dude :D
      should i post in map development, or just in map
      because if its in map development, they cant really try it, so im sure they will say "SUCKS, DELETE NOW!!"

      EDIT: and ye 1 more thing, (since you are dead right now) i have billions of models, but that will cause my map to be too much size, is there another way to make it low size without removing models (although i remove the ones that i don't need and doesn't work :D)
    4. Magnet199
      yo, i got some new snap shots while i play with some random people, looks like naga and orc need a lot of work :D
      dont worry your time will come soon :P
    5. Magnet199
      hahahahhaha, i like the "near the gate along with yours" :P
      well actually RedRooster2 (my cozin) was next to mine, but he doesn't care about the map, so i removed his name, and when i told him he got so mad :P, as you can see, in the Map comments he posted a negetive thing :)
      so i will see, if i will cont. in this map, because im help this guy working on his map, the way he works hard, i liked it, reminds me when i first posted my map, sadly REJECTED -_-, so if its time for your job in trigger i will just tell you :)
      wait, should i like send you the map, or.......i send you the triggers that i want to be fixed, and remove leaks??
    6. Magnet199
      SWEET :P, wait, were should i include your name XD?
    7. Magnet199
      oh really? sweet. So i wish i could work on trojan walla and finish the damn map -_- and go on to the other one, when its time for you to fix the trigger i will just let ya know :D
    8. Magnet199
      well, the new map is also from the game Age of Mythology, called cat 'n' mice, NO its not cats chasing mice :P
      Its vampire like, but instead of 1 strong omg hero chasing builders, a small army with 3 strong units, that will die, unlike vampires. Goals: humans run build base and defend. Cats/Chasers, catch and kill those little things :)
      sounds stupid when i say it, but when i do it as i did in AoM, then it will be awesome :D
    9. Magnet199
      hmm, i could use you :P, if u can fix my map in triggers/leaks and work on AI for my map.
      yea that will be awesome. If you want to :D
      the rest (as in balancing/models/races/units) on me :) what you say
      altho im not workin a lot lately on the map, due to school work and up coming mid-term tests.
      So if you want to help me work on this map, well what r u waiting for :P
      but in the other hand, if u really think my map sucks XD its ok, i alredy have another idea in mind, i could just leave this map for some time later :)
    10. Magnet199
      geez, thanks XD helps a lot
      im going to fix the leaks tomorrow
      today im searching models and learning how to skin units :P

      EDIT: WAIT, u said every skin for a unit
      can i like copy unit then give both different skins?

      EDIT2: can you help me a bit with custom scripts :D
    11. Magnet199
      sweet, ok can you like combine them + remove leaks ? :P
      and i got so many skins that i forgot the path lol, so i can use multiple skin on same units type, for example:
      naga, i have 2 skins that i want to use, but not togather. Like one black skin and one blue skin. i can use 2?

      EDIT: i have no idea what leaks mean btw XD
    12. Magnet199
      gr8, :D
      im working on it so hard non-stop
      wait, can you help me with it little bit? :P
      not much to do, just make the triggers shorter like you said :D

      EDIT: oh yea wait, i have no idea how to use skins, so i need help with that to :)
    13. -Kobas-
      Using [J]ass [N]ew [G]en you can create maps with 480x480 size :D
    14. AlexDragon1111
      Thanks for rep! Sorry I've been so inactive, but I finally buyed Warcraft III. Update on Age01 Check that out!
    15. Bratcipheo
      Are you saying that you give my 'multiplayer' map a 3/5 from Gameplay, but have only played singleplayer?

      Good day sir.
    16. Bratcipheo
      "Well...Green Boxes appear once you pause, sometimes when I build/train/summon a unit/structure, they are knockbacked...like, I created a CommTech and he knockbacked a Synthetic. Also fix the descriptions of units (like the Chestbuster's). 3/5."

      This was your comment on my game, these complaints arent up to date anymore.(description for chestburster never was, checked).
      Instead of pointing out minor bugs, i'd like you to go into detail about the game itself, since you now officially gave it a 3, without giving reasons.

      thank you.
    17. Dejavuu
      Yo mate, what's the update on The Rescue of Halahk? ;D
    18. ap0calypse
      Hm, yes.

      I've given him an infraction and -2 rep and removed the ratings (can take a while before it updates the actual rating).
      If it doesn't stop, be sure to contact me again.

      (Oh yeah, I've also cleaned the threads).
    19. Cweener
      Don't be shy :)
      And sure, give me a link. :)
    20. Creed345
      I made all those changes you had requested and seriously thank you for testing my map its a really big help to me :)
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