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Last Activity:
Feb 28, 2021 at 1:20 PM
Dec 11, 2009


Developer of MWS Hardcore

BizzaroFukuro was last seen:
Feb 28, 2021 at 1:20 PM
    1. tulee
      Fukuro, really hope you come back. You were the only one (more or less) willing to help convert campaigns which used third party features that could not be converted with other tools.
    2. deepstrasz

      Hope you gooood!!!!
    3. deepstrasz
      Hey, I hope you're alright.
    4. serzh19800
      Hi. How could you pass through Helldoom's mission IX Human BtDP? Reds do not mention my flying machine and destroy my base in any case(((
    5. deepstrasz
      1. View previous comments...
      2. BizzaroFukuro
        What's funny is that even the name is kinda similar.
        Jul 20, 2019
      3. deepstrasz
        Yeah :P Don't worry about it. It's not the same thing.
        Jul 20, 2019
      4. deepstrasz
        Port me again :D
        Aug 15, 2019
    6. deepstrasz
      Hey man, did it take long? I'm curious if it was a pain to fix it.
      1. BizzaroFukuro
        No, just 2-3 days. Most of the fixes were easy to do. But the bug with DestroyMultiboard() was very hard to catch, really weird thing, I wasn't aware of it, it is some new 1.29+ bug. The campaign wasn't playable due to fatal error on Map 3: after killing 30 kobolds the multiboard destroys and then immediately the cinematic mode starts, and when it ends the game crashes. So I needed to catch it, and I'm glad I did. I played RotD about 12 years ago for the first time and I was very, very impressed with the work.
        May 18, 2019
      2. deepstrasz
        Thanks again!
        May 18, 2019
    7. deepstrasz
    8. emil23
      Where can i get leatherface's model :(?
    9. PokzGoriona
      can i ask how you gonna release the new version of Maniac With Saw Hardcore ?? :)
    10. oYDWEo
    11. oYDWEo
      Hello, I am a Chinese player. Your map is very popular in China. Want the map to be able to be the Chinese version.
      My email: 907104322@qq.com
      Also look forward to your updates.
    12. bisnar13
      The Silent Hill Map you fixed, was awesome! :)
    13. robertwadlow
      i need model leatherface, Thank you
    14. newbchu
      Check your PM at MWS site.

      and the item cooldown sounds.
      Haha thanks for the share.
      Mmm yeah the item cooldown sound urr.. just try your Maniac with Saw game and click the skill button while its on cooldown (it plays a soound Lol.) plus the sound from the maniac's skill: (Sixth Sense) the frequency one. :P
    15. newbchu
      You mean 2-second loop from Ain't Gonna Rain?
      Yeah and the item cooldown sounds.

      As I see, purparisien also in this project (I know him a little).
      The world is surely small. =)
      Ahh I see ahha sure is small. :)

      You need model or system?
      System is not perfect at the moment, I am trying to remove bug with "pseudo-light" effects. Btw, I may help you with coding.
      I am always interested to work on SH-related map.
      Sure I'd be glad if you could help ahha and I'm planning to make a series.
    16. BizzaroFukuro
      I saw you created thread about it on official site...
      So I answered there.

      P.S. It's not "man" but "maniac", and not "chainsaw" but just "saw". :D
    17. newbchu
      Hey there Fukuro how are you doing?
      I checked out one of your map "Man with Chainsaw" and it's awesome!

      I'd just like a favor from you and your chainsaw map. I'd like to add some your audio imports and the flashlight system into my map because I know that it will enhance the atmosphere and gameplay of my "Silent Hill" map which is currently under development in addition I'd be happy to credit you if you want to be credited.

      You can check it out my progress here:
    18. RED BARON
      Welcome to Hive :smile: Enjoy your stay and folf.
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    Maniac with Saw Hardcore
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Cult of the Damned


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