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  • Hi BigOneMarvelFan, Thanks for the model that I been requested in you in Youtube :) Thanks again.
    I'm sorry but I am really busy right now.
    Well, I never helped you, but at least I was trying to help but it's not work. I am lack of tools...
    The improvent to your models is very noticeable, you've come a long way man. You also have a fine eye for the small details of each and every character. Keep up the great work
    Well. yes. I checked the link. The two "Illuminatis" are practically the same except the other one contains peopel with powers or money.
    I don't know if you've already fixed it, but when I use Mr. Fantastic's third skill, he summons Ant Man.
    Unfortunately, you might not find any italians around here. I guess it's best to stick to Google Translate.
    I know you've already done this to the model section, but do you plan to release your models/skins?
    Like on a thread, where you've gathered them all. They all seem very cool.
    What other heroes and villains will you add?
    And, if you'd really would like it (I'd certainly will), will you make a sort-of like free-roam map? (A big city, you use your heroes and stuff)
    Where I can download your map?

    You should make your signature, so people will know your project.
    LOL, yeah, I haven't try your map.
    I knew it! :grin:
    It was strange that You spoken about Wolverine and Sabretooth... in the map there were more than 60 characters
    However, you can continue to do what you want, but in these days I'm redoing some models (you can see them in the album Updating Model) then it is possible that sooner or later even redo Wolverine and Sabretooth (texture)
    LOL, yeah, I haven't try your map. Sorry about that. Even I haven't open Warcraft for a month.

    But don't worry, I will try to figure out the octopus. This model have higher priority. I will do Wolverine just for fun though. Kind of "refreshing"
    Okay, this is strange.
    I try to import some of your models to 3dsMax.
    Then it seems it's not working anymore :(

    Some might be be work but I believe it will cause error on export, just like your Nightcrawler...

    So what I want to say is...... Can I do it from zero? I believe I can't do model with some effects like Nightcrawler, but I believe I can do animation with Wolverine (which doesn't have any effect, and the model it not complicated so I can do rigging easier)

    May I do it? I will make Wolverine and Sabertooth to 2 diferent models, since wolverine use claw like knuckle, and Sabertooth use real claw.

    Also I have create a list of abilities of X-Men. I post it in your thread.
    To respond to previous messages. I have not removed the models, they have been rejected ... but I'm sorry to tell you that most likely will not upload more models ... you'll have to download the whole map :mwahaha: (the next release of it)
    I got problem with Silver Surfer, I cant open it with 3dsMax...
    Sorry about that...

    BTW, do you have Deadpool? I want make his animation.
    And, I think it would be better if Nightcrawler use swords, just like in game (I played X-Men Legends, I and II)

    Where is your Resources? I mean the models that you upload
    It will be better if you use custom animation. It will make it approved. But you have great skill for combining those animation, thats cool.
    Someone already told you how to add portrait animation.

    My exam had just finished
    So when I'm home I will do my work, the animation

    What will I do is create QuickSilver attack animation (I think it will be something like mage, but I will try search in Youtube some games that have QuickSilver)

    And I'm not quite familiar with some geoset thing and other thing.
    What I can do this time is only animating, so, I will work if only you give the model then I only animate it.
    Sorry for that. Yes, it is a "problem" but I don't know how to do, if you can tell me I'm glad to do that

    1. Take a good look at your model.

    2. Open Windows --> Camera Manager, right-click somewhere inside the blank field, choose "Create New from current view".
    3. Insert a name inside the Name Box, name it whatever you want
    4. Your camera has been created. To view it, right click the camera, select "View Camera".

    I realized it's more of "BAMF". It's the sound the Nightcrawler makes (that's Marvel right?) when he teleports, I believe (Hence the joke). Also it stands for something... I'm not sure what, but it's inappropriate.
    But.. thats ridiculous, why would you suspend your project just for some models that did not get approved in the model gallery. I don't see any problem, you can upload those models in the forums.
    You are uploading quite good model! Tough you should improve UV Wrapping & Animations. You can also improve the detail of the models. Make them a little more high detail, less blurry and just keep working on them. These models are very useful in comic/ marvel related maps. +REP
    Grr!! Real Life is harder than I thought. I am attending school. I'll only avtive at Satursday and Sunday. :'(
    Just ask if you want any help
    "Someone" complained about the fact that there aren't portraits, you should explain how to add a camera, etc ...

    About your Octopus, thats mean I must increase the lenght of the legs, right? Or not? Or you have made that?
    About Octopus the "mechanichal arms" are another model (I just paste the two model in the picture) I used the Spider model and I think it's better. You just have to change the animation of the attack (now jumps when it should only attack with his left arm or right arm) and combine the two models (perhaps as I did with the Magneto's Cloak)
    About your Octopus, thats mean I must increase the lenght of the legs, right? Or not? Or you have made that?
    I'm on final exam right now (not exactly right now actually). I will make the animation next Tuesday, when the exam is finished. Don't worry, I will be not quit.
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