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Aug 31, 2020
Aug 2, 2008


Stay thirsty my friends.

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Aug 31, 2020
    1. Somnium
      Haha :L

      And how's yourself ? (:
    2. Somnium
      Hey wasup man (:

      How's your computer, is it alive ? :L
    3. Thanathos
      hmm i think the thing i showed you was to hard 2 make for a beginner like me... hmm maybe i should try something more basic.... anyway thank you for your opinion =)
    4. Thanathos
      np^^ i´m happy when i can be of use...
      Oh and i see you are a great iconer so maybe you can help me a bit.
      I was just bored fore a while and tried to make an icon...Well can you give me some feedback ? Here are the wips.
    5. Thanathos
      Sorry i couldn´t reply yesterday...is was some kinda busy cause we had some visitors...the spell is finished now but i need to give some explanations...i tell you when im finished
    6. Thanathos
      You get that debug message if you as -JonNny said clear or destroy a variable or struct 2 times. But in the case of your spell it happened because your index recylcler messed up
    7. -JonNny
      "double free" normally means that you "clear" or delete a variable two times
      e.g. if you remove a location 2 times that the variable is already empty at the second time
      but atm i do not really know how to double free a unittype O.o
    8. Somnium
      Hey, am preparing for installation of vista :D

      I have no clue how will it go, or will it evan work. It will probably take some time before I will be back and active ^^

      So if you post soemthing don't expect me to reply soon, although I will soon be online I think :D Will tell you when i get vista working and am back online :D
    9. Somnium
      Good to hear it's nothing serious :D

      I remember my cousins computer exploded once, now that was some serious overheating xD
    10. Somnium
      What happend to your pc mate ?

      No worries, my map is comming up pretty slow anyways. And from what I was thinking it might become a part of a campaign. The campaign Trillium is developing :D
    11. Somnium
      Sorry for the long reply, i was away for karete. Now am knackered xD

      Well not really but Death's Retreat could be shown as a soul like projectile :D

      Oh and siphon speed is also ranged.
    12. Deolrin
      You really do like axes don't you? :)
    13. Somnium
      Yeah they both look great, sorry i didn't reply but i went to sleep xD The second one would be either siphon speed or death's retreat ? Awesomnality :D
    14. Somnium
      This is awesome dude, pure concentrated awesome in a can. :D
    15. Palaslayer
    16. Somnium
      Hehe no worries, in some games i only noticed what icons were after months. In some really bad cases evan after a year xD So you're still doing pretty awesomer, being the almight iconer you are :D
    17. Somnium
      It's looking pretty sweet so far :D

      Maybe make the blade more defined ? For a second i though it was a shoulder plate. Only for a second though, which beats alot of icons which are evan used in games :D
    18. Somnium
      Sharpen Weapons ? :D
    19. Palaslayer
    20. Palaslayer
      you are using a tablet?
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