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Last Activity:
Aug 10, 2020 at 11:15 AM
Mar 21, 2008

Awarded Medals 2

Jan 14, 1994 (Age: 26)
A box
The rapid beating heart of Hive


The Happiness Incarnate, 26, from A box

"Is he the bomb this time?!" Mar 13, 2019

Bernkastel was last seen:
Aug 10, 2020 at 11:15 AM
    1. MasterHaosis
      Bernkastel, :cgrin:
    2. Narrat0r
      You signature is... disturbing.
    3. MasterHaosis
      hahaha yes! haosis virus is now in your blood!
    4. Vapora
      Today was a good day.
      You even used an emoticon.
    5. chr2
      Wha- How did you? But? Mother of God!
    6. MasterHaosis
      Bernkastel, :cgrin:
    7. Supernatural_Being
    8. Supernatural_Being
      Ok I admit.... Luna is my girlfriend and were living in a apartment sharing one internet connection... OK no more doubts...
    9. Bernkastel
      ..Remove it? Ahahaha~
      I would gladly do it to see him struggle. But such power is beyond my reach.
      I did not even want him banned, but he got himself that with his insult.
      If you have anything else that you want to discuss I would highly suggest you to remove the block. Kih~
    10. Pharaoh_
      Stop posting crap on your profile then, lul
    11. Bernkastel
      You brought it onto yourself.
      And I believe I can talk about other people.
      That is not against the God's will is it?
      But what are you even doing here? If you attempt to forget, then you should really try, eh?
      And I was going to say something about your life being quiet.. But I did not want to bother, child of a man.
    12. Bernkastel
      If I
      Seemed to be a demon,
      Then let's praise me
      For a little bit.
      Even if blood flows when you grip
      Onto my cold, white, little fingers...

      Your smiling face from the distant days
      Is never found.
      But if I'm at fault
      Then someday...

      Please, from your heart
      Hate and kill the cruel me.

      If the wounded words decay
      And the redness that scours this world vanishes.

      Please, please, please smile...
      And kill the cruel me.
      Don't grieve,
      If you vow to kill me.
      Then the shining blueness will fall upon the two of us.

      Someone, please smile at me.
      And learn of the unnoticeable truth.
      I want you to grasp my fingers that tremble too much.
      I wonder why you're sad like this....
    13. Pharaoh_
      Which ones? Yours or mine?
    14. Bernkastel
      I can see adorable attempts of burying the past.
      It would be a pity if it was useless.
      Now they don't even make any sense. They would look more interesting if they were telling your story.
    15. Vapora
      You know that we can never be together. But yes that was an amazing story.
    16. Bernkastel
      Love is generous, Love is Merciful!!
      Love does not envy, it does not boast!
      Oh, how grand the power of love is!
      We live for the love between humans!
    17. Admiral Jack
      Admiral Jack
      Yea because loving a son of a bitch is a disgusting thing that a man does.
    18. Admiral Jack
      Admiral Jack
      Yea bitch because you are not a bitch...You are a son of a bitch.:goblin_jawdrop:
      Thats why im not online because I hate dicks like you.:vw_wtf:
      My observance is truth..... I ask my uncle psychologist to help me..... :vw_wtf:
      so therefore you are male......
    19. Misha
      lol? when did you change the nick?
    20. Lord Exitium
      Lord Exitium
      yes it would, but now i need to go cammand my demon army so good bye my dear friend.
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    Jan 14, 1994 (Age: 26)
    A box
    The rapid beating heart of Hive


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    Ime lik the coolest shi
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