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    no its a Wendigo with a troll head on it... smart one
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    can u say tauren cheiftan... looks like u might have changed a few things on him and changed the skin..
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    i might reskin it when i have some free time this weekend or so.. Rated 4/5 just cuz the helm is a lil off, but its still nice, i'll edit when i add the skin Edit: to make the helmet black i must make the helmet on the model he took it from black.
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    2 much empty space in the icon, i suggest adding his arm to it, or at least put more blade/aura in it.
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    Very nice, will come in handy 5/5
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    another nice model 5/5
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    Were u trying to put Grom to shame O.o :shock: looks more like a gorilla
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    didn't know horses had horns O.o
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    Pandaren Nurse by Norinrad

    funky eyes, but overall nice 5/5
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    I really could not see where this model would be used. and y would a space orc use a tree trunk\totem when he could have his flamethrower or any other type of gun.
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    I can't find the correct path!

    it will show it in the previewer if u restart the map
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    Skin has holes...

    no i checked it and redid it about 5 times, there was no line down the middle. i even increased it nce and it still was fudged up...
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    Skin has holes...

    Ya.. i made this skin off of a Rifleman. changed some colors n such, uploaded it correctly, used Warcraft Extractor 2 to make from Blp->TGA use Adobe photoshop to change it up than Exractor to go TGA->BLP. i uplaoded it and it has a line going down the middle of him. Could it be the color...
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    Icon Color Resolution

    Make it 32 bit and you should be fine, u should get an option b4 saving or it is located somewhere located on ur toolbars that will let u set it as so.
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    How do you path icon

    i find it ez'er just to look at the icon section, 1 of my recent icons has paths for the 4 types of icons, so u an check that out if they confused you. buttons name is BTNDisguise it has all the paths for the icons