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Last Activity:
May 20, 2019
Nov 16, 2012
Aug 2, 2002 (Age: 17)


Poring ´ ▽ ` )ノ, 17, from Philippines

BandolXD was last seen:
May 20, 2019
    1. StoPCampinGn00b
      I see you are using the signature. I put the version you should used noparsed in the group so yours can be the same size as mine.

      I clicked on your dragons though, are they dead? :(
    2. Hell_Master
      Create a thread either at Staff or Admin Contact. Don't forget to indicate the new username you like.
    3. StoPCampinGn00b
      What's your dragon signature all about?
    4. StoPCampinGn00b
      Hey dude, RTS group. It was never dead, but maybe you want to make it active again?
    5. StoPCampinGn00b
      My gif is fighting your gif. Is that a beam I see?
    6. StoPCampinGn00b
      It's sooo..., big..
    7. StoPCampinGn00b
    8. Hell_Master
      Lol, you're absolutely right on the history. I just got fond of watching Death Note and so I made Kira (my favorite there) as avatar and profile picture.

      Well, I'm working on a new project. Look at my signature also, it has my new project (HT and LSR got cancelled due to how big it is.).
    9. Paliouras
      LIES,they are all lies!
    10. RaidonGod
      nah, I don't watch SnK, but I really like stuff it next to my other manga and read it from time to time :)
      btw, you have birth day on 2nd August, what a coincidence, me too :D
    11. Quilnez
      it's just table, use this:
      [c] to move to next collumn, [r] to move to next row :)
      that simple
    12. Garodar
      Its uploaded. You can go ahead and try it.
    13. MagicLord
      In the smaller mine located at the middle-left side of the map.
    14. Garodar
      You mean Siege of Wyrmrest temple alpha? The alpha is coming out tomorrow. Me and team are still rendering Hagara's script and it should be over by tomorrow. You could wait by tomorrow?
    15. yogaprad
      hey can i ask you something?
      can you change jpg file to blp with 32 bits? :)
    16. Strydhaizer
      That would be nice, will you use Villager model for unit ?
      It is commonly-used model , so yes :)
    17. Strydhaizer
      No, I mean of LOAP Maps that has Selection before the game loads and start. You will choose police, drug lord and some shits.
      Uhh no , i will not do that for my map. What i mentioned below are things that i did to my map. You must try the FotN (http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/founders-north-1-24-a-184407/?prev=search%3Dfotn%26d%3Dlist%26r%3D20) , its actually my inspiration. I also based my map on FOTN , Gaias and TkoK.
      (farming , fishing , taming animals etc.)
      Its a medieval , not modern.
    18. Strydhaizer
      LOAP is an open world , where you can do anything you want (farming , fishing , taming animals etc.)

      oes it like the other LOAP map that you will choose your job at first
      Nope , you're talking about RPG.
    19. Strydhaizer
      This will be awesome 3d map.
      Uhh No~Maybe? I dont know if it is , but i hope it will. LOAP maps are usually boring because it has no missions
    20. TheKurt009
      i don't think i will be adding Chibi characters. Although they're easy to animate but i don't think Chibi is my preferences
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  • About

    Aug 2, 2002 (Age: 17)
    Current Project:
    Black Gem: Revival ORPG
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    JhayBhee - [Garena] | Brhundle [Battle.net Europe]
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Hi and welcome to my Profile ! I know you actually
    reading this. Some stuff in my Profile can be seen by my "Friends" only. I must know you first before adding me. I'm from Philippines. Here are my Favorite Hobbies.
    -Listening To Music
    Here's my Favorites.
    -Old Games (Ex. Pokemon)
    -Dick Figures :D (By : Mondo)
    History :
    Join Date :
    November 16 2012
    400 Post :D :
    March 8, 2014[Tamako]
    500 Post :D :
    June 9, 2014[Kirito]
    August 16, 2014[Cake]
    600 Post :D

    Playing Warcraft 3


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