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    Weekend Mapping Madness #1 - Results

    Oh well, you can't really make a decent map in a few days. It would of been better if it was week or more ;o
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    TWIF - Custom Chat Icon Contest #1 - Concept Art

    I did. I thought you said you can't calculate the last end result in percentage.
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    TWIF - Custom Chat Icon Contest #1 - Concept Art

    It does work, average total in percantage is just simple calculation. For example there are 4 judges, and one contestant. When you calculate judging results you get (eg.): 56% ; 70% ; 62% ; 55% All you have to do is (56+70+62+55) / 4 = 243 / 4 = 60.75. So contestant has average total...
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    TWIF - Custom Chat Icon Contest #1 - Concept Art

    The best way to do is get percentage from each judge scores and then sum em up and get average percentage for each contestant. For example in anarchianbedlam's judging, Kimberly's score is 47/60 - you already got the answer, just divide contestant's score with max score and you will get...
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    (Closed) Orc Sub-Hero(es)

    So? It's already on "Hard" by default and Spoon can easily increase enemy ambush sizes in that Caravan defense, for example.
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    (Closed) Orc Sub-Hero(es)

    [Ultimate] - Elemental Blast - Calls down charged lightning with elemental power on the target. Firstly, a giant lightning would struck target for massive damage, then it will release either explosion or erupt the area around lightning. Explosion will damage all nearby enemy units. Eruption will...
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    (Closed) Orc Sub-Hero(es)

    I did not really meant that all those spells what I suggested would be a spell-set, just that you pick one or two, should you like em.
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    (Closed) Orc Sub-Hero(es)

    Right, few suggestions for spells: Spell 1: Thunder Shock - Releases thunder upon single enemy unit dealing initial X damage to the unit and electrifies him, which will make him to damage nearby units (enemy AND friendlies). If main target dies by thunder, it will discharge electricity making...
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    (Closed) Admin Application

    Account Name: Azeroc Why you want to be an Admin: To help maintaining order and give some information regarding 2P project. What you will provide as an Admin: Order, Will inform people about spoon's projects and pretty much everything else. Other: I have tested loads of spoon's maps (not only...
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    Lucid Dream

    Well, gamers can't die (not dying in real world, just in dream) in dreams, they just load an earlier saved file...
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    Save Game
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    Using items for pathing detection is a lot more better, though.
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    Save Game

    Make those enemies respawn when hero resurrects...
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    Editors 1.24.4

    However, JASS New Gen Pack (JNGP) doesn't have hashtables in GUI format, only in JASS.
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    Creeps do not attack Barricades

    What? I don't get you, I said this thread was solved.