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Last Activity:
Apr 16, 2017
Jan 30, 2014



awesomesk1ll was last seen:
Apr 16, 2017
    1. Devin
      The feature you mentioned has been added to syringe.
    2. Sapeur-Goblin
      Man you're a fool. I just told you I CANT test it atm and I can't open it since you protected it.
      Plus, I made a nice map called IceMaker. You copy/paste my map, add a few random useless things, add "By Sk1ll", which is justified by the 2-3 useless things you added, protect it, whereas it mainly uses MY systems, and come on the hive to tell me "Hey bro, wanna see how I stole your map to make mine? Test it please!". As if I didn't know how my map works.
      Get out please.
    3. Sapeur-Goblin
    4. Triggs
      Welcome to THW!

      Introduce yourself in the Introductions Forum or stop by the chatroom in a couple days when your account has been verified.

      <span style="font-size: 9px">This is an automated message from a bot programmed by TriggerHappy.</span>
    5. awesomesk1ll
      да вопросов в принципе нет :). спасибо за поддержку).
      greetings all who knows me)
    6. ultrapro
      Nice to see you on Hive. Hope you will find here all you need.
      Join our ice community! I think you can help it much as community helps you. I'm sure you have a big potential. Там можно опубликовать мувики, думаю, многие были бы в восторге. В свою очередь, у нас будут ladder игры, где ты сможешь играть с северо-восточной европой по меньшей мере(RDAB/твой бот). Кстати, приглашаю также всех из остального русского сообщества на Hive.
      Если у тебя есть вопросы, обращайся, помогу, чем смогу.
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    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor


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