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    Werewolf - Transylvania

    Awesome map, but i think i found a bug: When i die and become a spirit, and i cast [I think its called posess?] and if the creature that i posess dies before the spell is complete, the spell glitches and I dont get to become a zombie, and i cant see anything at all for that matter So do u...
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    Waiting for host... wtf!

    oh, well i live in minnesota and i used the Chicago, IL server, maybye thats the problem?
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    Waiting for host... wtf!

    i took the test, my download speed is 1228 kbps, my upload speed is 217 kbps, is that good?
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    Dudemania infantry

    Looks awesome.
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    Waiting for host... wtf!

    Try playing with dial-up....
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    Lindormr Dragon

    best model ever made by the best maker ever!!!
  7. Uber


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    Gnoll Race Pack

    it would go great for the village builder series, atcually a complete race instead of mixtures like the other ones
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    Sparta - Modern Warfare

    lol septimus that would be awesome the harry potter idea, and it would be funny
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    Life of a Peasant Res-Evil 2 v. 8.5F

    addicted from this game at the start, i really dont care about the so-called "bugs" as people say, they dont bother me, still think this is fun
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    Sparta - Modern Warfare

    This! Is! Future! Spartaa!!!
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    evil Kael, another word for evil is: EBIL!!! muahahha!
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    The Masquerade

    I love this game, right away i was addicted from the start, i WOULD host it every time i go on but my comp now has a virus in it so whenever i host it either lags out or crashes, anyways nice job man and an ally system is needed
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    Bringer_of_Pain's DnD Version 2.9

    lol cazador.... read the ENTIRE name of the map.. sheesh
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    Zergling NEW

    it looks like a dog possesed / something from doom 3 at first, but when u look at it more closely u can see that it resembles the evil zerglings