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    Seeking Cluster Rockets v1.0

    simple and wonderfull
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    new one is better, easy to catch the idea of icon while running look on it, old one is 3D and take some time 1-2 second to understand wut is that
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    Wow critical strike

    Because it takes more time to import than GDD, i guess people can use any system they want, not just onlyone which included in current map. It's not a critical strike ability system. Just a texttag popup system, which you can use with any event you want.
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    Black Tornado

    Update: -add special effect when Tornado touch water -units bounce a little from clifs
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    Wow critical strike

    Added GDD.
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    Black Tornado

    What do you mean, for what action should i use timers?
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    Black Tornado

    Can somebody post triggers pls, my in russian, it doenst displays correct here.
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    Black Tornado (Map)

    Spell casted at: Point: Send Offensive Tornado dmg and pull enemies. Friend: Create Defensive Tornado pushing enemies back. Enemy: Cast "Cylcone" and deal dmg. Features: Using SetUnitXY It doens push "All" Units at once, its adding 1 unit every loop period to knockback, so it doenst take...
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    Еще одна карта (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Things That Leak

    Custom script: set bj_wantDestroyGroup = true Group - Pick every unit in (Random 1 units from BlackTornado_Group) and do (Actions) Is that leak? Cause it use additional function GetRandomSubGroup, which use local group g and do not destoy it.
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    Timed Ability v1.3

    Theres no Variable Creator trigger. And for me it add ability to one unit 1 time only, no more. Does system work correctly?
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    Boomerang! 1.4.2

    Thank you for fixing that. ;)
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    Boomerang! 1.4.2

    Doesnt work, no damage here boomerangs do.
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    Knock-Back 3D - MMS 3D V. 3.2.1

    Its still there :D Try this: AoEKBPower = 0.2 KB3D_Zoffset = 800 just thoughts: is that because of systems "take" current unit flying height, and after loop set unit flying height not to default, but to "saved" one ? here 1 thing: if IsUnitType(U, UNIT_TYPE_DEAD) then call...
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    SummonedEscort v1.5

    mm....if i order "Summoner" move every 2 second its works. But if i use spam "move" order like in every game, clickling mouse button 5-6 time at 1 point move. then skeletons doesnt follow "mage".