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Astaroth Zion
Feb 13, 2011

Awarded Medals 1

    1. MasterTrainer
      Oh cool... I never met any MTG players before (besides my brother). I use a custom blue-black deck from the Rise of the Eldrazi =)
    2. MasterTrainer
      Do you play MTG? =)
    3. Astaroth Zion
      Astaroth Zion
      Enu-Xa === Golgari = (gb) ==> Guildgate
      Ain-Ha === Boros === (rw) => Guildgate
      Lain-Eo === Dimir == (bb) ==> Guildgate
      Rain-Tak = Selesnya = (gw) => Guildgate
      Zan-Dek == Izzet === (rb) ==> Guildgate
      Rain-Tak could also be Orzov (wb) ==>Guildgate
      *the TCG
    4. Gregory Tountas
    5. jay10101
      Any progress on the TC Armor?
    6. TaShadan
      Could you make longer gloves so chainmail or leather will cover the bar skin parts on the arm?
    7. Pharaoh_
      Visible attachments may not be implemented, because i cannot supervise models as well. So, if you have armor models and another guy enters without coding and/or models, then I am forced to make them, but I cannot. :)
      So no, if you want to create something from your side, do the coding.
    8. jay10101
      I know that your attachments have an alternate metal portrait (they are all used in my map Kingdoms and Nations RP and they are all brilliant) but the shields dont, and the metal shield that you do have are plain unlike the TC One which has the pattern.

      Im just wondering if you could make the metal borders of the tc shield gray colour other than gold along with a teamcolor version of the golden tier 3 heavy armor (with grey lining)

      The gold is fine really but it makes units look too fancy unlike the usual soldier whos in plain steel.

      I think im confusing both of us with my explanation so heres a picture I made lol:
    9. Code_Name_XXX
      Hey Its been a while since our last discussion about the footman.

      Well, Late ~Happy Christmas~ ~Happy New Year~ and ~Happy Valentine~ :D
    10. jay10101
      Hey man sorry for the delay, grey lining as in changing the gold metal to normal grey metal
    11. General Frank
      General Frank
      Thanks, I guess.
    12. Pharaoh_
      More info will be revealed soon. I will unfortunately not answer to any of your questions for the time being :p
    13. Ket
      I have no idea about both Milkshape and Magos, I use MdlVis & Warcraft III Model Editor.
      I can explain how to make texture animation in WC3ME.
    14. jay10101
      Hey, your attachments are epic :D
      Is there any chance you can do a grey lining team-color ver of your shield and also a grey lining team color cuirass, I have a map on MMH called Kingdoms and Nations RP and the main unit system are villager models dressed up with randomized attachments, a team-color steel lining cuirass and shield would be great :)
    15. Gregory Tountas
    16. TheWhiteWolf
      Okay bro, I'm on it :D
    17. TheWhiteWolf
      I already got those, and they are great. My idea was making simple reskins of them.
      This whole site lacks attachment models of Boots and Gloves, so I thought maybe you would like to make them :D
    18. TheWhiteWolf
      Is there any chance of you making sets of full armour? By full armour, I mean Chest, Helmet, Gloves, Boots and Shield :D
    19. JesusHipster
      Well you can add them via magos or just create a bone is zbrush, or whatever you use and call it an attachement:p
      Particles don't convert, as far as i know, soo use magos for dat.
    20. Code_Name_XXX
      Didn't notice that... Thank you very much... :D
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    Blood Elf
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    Blood Knights
    Sinfonic Metal, Alternative Energies, Volleyball


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