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Astaroth Zion
Feb 13, 2011

Awarded Medals 1

    1. SNIper of DARKness
      SNIper of DARKness
      Did you delete your forum post about armour and such? Or something the new Hive did, either way I have no idea how to reply anymore.
      1. Astaroth Zion
        Astaroth Zion
        Nope I haven't deleted the thread. It's in the same forum just a bit lower. I haven't worked so much on my attachments focussing on the next Techtree Contest, but fear not that I will complete that "To Do List".
        Jun 13, 2016
    2. SNIper of DARKness
      SNIper of DARKness
      I truly don't know if you are the right person to ask, but you seem to know your craft.
      I noticed that the Hive is lacking heavily in realistic and historical Helmets.
      Would you be inclined to fill the gap? If not I fully understand but if you could spread the word I would be much greatful as this is something that the hive could really use.
      For example the hive lacks the iconic "Kettle Helm" (which is like a Brodie Helmet).

      Some nice examples of the kettle helmet with and without mail aventail.
    3. Deleted member 238226
      Deleted member 238226
      lol, thanks for the rep :)
    4. Ender
      Yo, whats up? I have been on a sabbatical for a while now, this is the first time i have returned to the hive in ages.
    5. Astaroth Zion
      Astaroth Zion
      To any visitor, now I´m reworking and tunning most of my attachment models. Any suggestion is well recieved.
    6. Sunreaver
      Thanks for letting me know if u are free pls notify me
    7. Sunreaver
      Can u help me with a bit of models, Create them for me.
    8. JokeMaster
      Hey Astaroth, looks like ranger felt the pressure.
    9. BlackRangerXIII
      What do you think of the Haven from Might and Magic
      They are based on Low Medieval Christian Mythology right? (Angels) and maybe a little bit of spirits like the fairies from Celtic mythology
    10. BlackRangerXIII
      The Disciples games I've never played
      I'll get the GoG version of them to see
    11. BlackRangerXIII
      hey Astaroth can you help me?
      I'm having some trouble on trying to make the race for the contest
      I'm trying to decide if I make an elven race based on the Sylvans from Might and Magic or make my original Idea that I've posted on the thread
    12. morbent
      Oh I see, alright. Thanks.
    13. morbent
    14. userid907
      I mean Rising Force player?
    15. userid907
      RF player?
    16. kari0003

      Thanks for the reminder about those threads! I have been inactive on hive lately, but im interested in this one.. :D

      About me: University drains most of my time away, moved to more serious programming from wc3 modding :D So it is pretty much the same, but different :P

      How about you? Did you finish your studies? I reckon you meant great help when it came to me choosing my Uni - and i don't regret my decision, so thanks for that :D
    17. morbent
      Alright then. So you gonna enter? I'm sorry I can't really participate in the discussion, it's not my field of expertise you know, I'm just a Warcraft 3 Modder hobbyist.

      Edit: Cool races, I couldn't really test the maps, they don't work for me, all I get is human peasants.. Sigh, I must be doing something stupid.
    18. VeljkoM
      The only mythologies I actually know are egyptian and greek and i am not inspired to make either. And not in the mood to research other cultures as I already have enough histories to learn. Thought that alliance would at least inspire crazy combos like Nerubians and Murlocks. And elements are easy, thinking kobolds that worship rock and fire, and having candle monuments. Depending of theme that wins I might actually attempt to participate or at least observe the contest.
    19. VeljkoM
      I am aware of the techtree contest 10 being discussed right now, but I doubt I'll manage to participate.

      And you do have a point about TCC being team based considering amount of work needed and the usual count of dropped contestants. Might be too late now though but at least should be pushed for the contest after this one.
    20. morbent
      Why do you need that much GUI exactly? Since it's for a standart warcraft 3 race? The other stuff I get though
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    Blood Elf
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    Blood Knights
    Sinfonic Metal, Alternative Energies, Volleyball


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