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Astaroth Zion
Feb 13, 2011

Awarded Medals 1

    1. Nightmare Moon
      Nightmare Moon
      -i think you know that using custom value is bad, because it can cause bugs on other spells/systems that custom value too;
      -the knockback effect isn't so good, i mean that it's alright for only the knockback system, but it's a fun contest, so maybe add some other effect, and dirt effect wont really fit, i guess;
      -in trigger knockback you say: "Lets damage the unit", but you just subtract the life, you don't deal any damage, so when you kill him - you wont receive credit;
      -you need to add more documentation, add one line of comment to each action, even if it's something you don't to change and use "---------------------" this text before and after comment to make it look better and more understandable;
    2. Nightmare Moon
      Nightmare Moon
      Nice spell! But how the hell do ia vote here? i cannot... i guess. or i just cannot. Could you tell me how to vote?

      Edit: oh damn!!! i now can only post less then 1000 characters... so suggestion in other post!

      Anyway i think that's all you don't need to change everything as i've said, because it's your decision, anyway good luck!!!
    3. Nightmare Moon
      Nightmare Moon
      Link to the contest please, cannot find it :P
    4. Nightmare Moon
      Nightmare Moon
      Hey. Don't to hurry if you got no time, coz i don't have too...
      Edit: i'm fine =) How are you?
    5. Nightmare Moon
      Nightmare Moon
      Hey. Well, for now i can only think of one reason, maybe the map name is too big? Limit is 48 letters, including path to the map. Like: Maps/My Maps/Test.w3x
      Also this could cause corrupted triggers, scripts...
      But as you say you downloaded a lot of maps, then there must be something with your WC3, maybe the cause is editor...
      Try to reopen the map in Jass New Gen Pack and save it again. JNGP is third party tool which allows you to break limits of standart editor and has a lot more possibilities. Here's a link to download this - Click Me =) In the original thread on wc3c.net link is broken so that's the only working one, for now.
    6. Nightmare Moon
      Nightmare Moon
    7. Nightmare Moon
      Nightmare Moon
      Ok lets start:
      -i only used one icon of Iron to set the example, because i couldn't find all icons;
      -you leak locations and groups, maybe something else but i wasn't viewing all the map;
      -your icons are green, means that you have wrong path: ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNIron.blp and ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtonsDisabled\BTNIron.blp - this is right path;
      -map is great, i really liked it, but still there's a lot of space on the map, so you'll have to work a lot still;
      -try to avoid waits - use loop triggers;
      -in my map i created a dialog to select modes too, but you have your own, so you just copy the actions that are needed, they are shown in trigger.
      If i did something wrong you just tell me!!!
      View your Private Massages!
    8. Nightmare Moon
      Nightmare Moon
      I'm satisfied that you like my multiboard.
      Okay i'll wait for the map. For now the system is like 60% done, and i'll just need to adjust few things.

      Edit: Okay, system is ready, please send me the map so i could look at it and combined the system with the map, also added icons. I'm not going to add the system into map, i'm just gonna improve it, so it would fit a lot better. Upload the map to Pastebin and send me the link through the Private Massage.
    9. Nightmare Moon
      Nightmare Moon
      This how looks multiboard for now. If you have any suggestions tell me. This multiboard is for Easy Mode.
    10. Nightmare Moon
      Nightmare Moon
      Well if you want to send me a map it would be great, but submitting it to Map Development it's for you to decide.

      Okay then i'll make the multiboard for this system.
      And i think you could do the shop yourself, i mean you know better what it must show.
      In multiboard i'd like to show the resources with icons, so if you have icons for all resources, send me if not try to request them. I would do them myself but got problems with my Photoshop...

      Edit: on what slots do players play? Red and Blue or others? If Red and Blue are player controlled then it would finish a bit faster, because i made a lot of things for those two and just remembered that might be wrong :P Silly me...
    11. Astaroth Zion
      Astaroth Zion
      I have done the basics of the mineral band movement, (just as triggers) but without a proper transporting band model :(,,,
      At least I can check that mining minerals is at its 70% needing to do the terraining for the other player, alloy making ist like 30% cause I have just now pass the breakpoint. Now I can continue easily with my the resto of the alloy part....
    12. Nightmare Moon
      Nightmare Moon
      What about making a Multiboard with all the information of minerals and so on?
      Guess it would be cooler then shop that shows them, because it will be hard to make a shop to show number of minerals. Lets say if would look like Nevermore's 3d skill in DotA (if you know), it shows souls with ability, but in a bigger map it could cause a lag, when changing number of minerals in the ability description, anyway it's for you to decide...
    13. Nightmare Moon
      Nightmare Moon
      Okay i understood perfectly now. Will start making soon...
      But only 1 question remains? The minerals must be collected when...?
      I mean what event should i use to detect if a mineral is obtained.
      Some unit enters a region with a mineral or he sells mineral to the shop?
    14. Nightmare Moon
      Nightmare Moon
      So if i got you right you need a system which will count brought resources (Iron, gold, etc), right? And the number of current resources must be shown in some shop, with the icon of ability, that shows counted resources?
      Next time contacting me post on my wall not PM, it's faster for me to read and easier...
      If this is right i will start making the system in Friday and will finish at weekends.
      You just tell what resources exactly must be shown (gathered) like Iron, also if the system should be only MPI (Multi Player Instances) or MUI (Multi Unit Instances). If MUI it could a bit more time...
    15. Astaroth Zion
      Astaroth Zion
      By the way,, I have divided my first map in 4 secctions, "mineral gathering", "alloy, buying and wherehousing", "army building", and "the main battle"

      I can say that the mineral gathering is done like in a 70%, needing some more terreining, and taking care of the detailes over my triggers....
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    Blood Elf
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    Blood Knights
    Sinfonic Metal, Alternative Energies, Volleyball


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