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Last Activity:
Apr 18, 2020
Jul 2, 2008
July 20
Russia, Moscow


The Witcher, from Russia, Moscow

Aspard was last seen:
Apr 18, 2020
    1. Deuterium
      Nothing ;d
    2. Deuterium
      creativity, girls ;d
      hi5, hi5! =)
    3. Deuterium
      Spells Section Discussion
      Please check =)
    4. Anachron
      Omg really, thats unfair... Making a spellpack = + 10 rep / week, making an difficult system = + 2 rep / week.
    5. NFWar
      Are you Russian? I just asking, cuz meaby we can find some same interests.
      I am from Ukraine, left at Greece at 12 and live here 4ever. I know russian too.
    6. baassee
      hello my friend, hope you having a good time.
      as I now suffer problems now again IRL and it's not a loss, much bigger, I will stay afk from thw. Not commenting so much and will only read stuff, so sending links can be an option if you want me to check out something.

      Hope you don't mind cause I will send this to all of you my friends of spellmaking who know me best.


      a friend in terror

    7. The Panda
      The Panda
      The reason why you cant rate resources again is because you may need to comment again too do so, Like if u comment once you can rate once and if u comment two times you can rate again. Im not too sure if that's true but i think it is.
    8. Freyleyes
      Yo, wuz up Aspard
    9. Vincent
    10. Deuterium
      Aspardoo :P take a look at my spell pack, that's if you feel like it :P
      Metaversal Spell Pack v1.00
    11. xDeathKnightx
      How do you change the ohmi slash effect you made for me to do a normal attack instead of a triggered amount of damage?
    12. baassee
      hello friend, am back again for 2 days :)

      fopefully you'll see a spell or two in the spell section tomorrow if I got the time, got to repack my stuff again, going on another vacation ^^

      hope you seen my pm and I'll check the hero but I wont rate it nor comment any of those in the hero contest
    13. Squall_Leonheart
    14. calex3
      lol spell is amaizng....lol and one more lol
    15. calex3
      the ultimate is great.....but you used Paladon's system ......for knockback.... it think it is easy to make knockback by yourself....but ok credits given ;) ....btw not great amazingly gigantic..
    16. .LsD
      Lol .. i knew sme1 would say that ... but i just wanted to enter for fun and see if i Get Some pirze(which i won't probably in the next year :P) ... i wonder at what points I leaK?? can ya tell me
    17. .LsD
      Lol >. i knw tat ..... i am working on it .... How are the spells ... i m a beginner in spell making hope u liked it
    18. Billy the Cat
      Billy the Cat
      It isn't a problem
      I thought this would have been a nice lay-out :cgrin:
    19. Asomath
      Hey just inquiring whether or not my spell request was acceptable?

    20. Deuterium
      You're welcome man :D
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    July 20
    Russia, Moscow
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Cult of the Damned
    Creativity, girls ;D



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