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Last Activity:
Apr 18, 2020
Jul 2, 2008
July 20
Russia, Moscow


The Witcher, from Russia, Moscow

Aspard was last seen:
Apr 18, 2020
    1. Foopad
      Hehe, yeah well I don't know exactly how his name is written though, I just wrote how I remembered it from my books, and they're danish :)
    2. Foopad
      You just had to ruin my very well arguemented statement? :P
      Nietzsche was a german philosopher in the 18th century :)
    3. xxdingo93xx
    4. Freyleyes
      It was funny to me, and yea, the dude looks a little retarded
    5. Freyleyes
    6. eleljrk
    7. NFWar
      I am working with one spell that has been made with JASS.
      It is a missile that have more that 1 dummys.
      -Axis dummy
      -Dummys that rotate around

      If at some range Axis dummy "detect" unit, then it dies and release dummys that rotate around. Dummys that have throwed impact on enemys and deal dmg.

      That is a lot of problems like:
      -Unoficient triggering
      -3 and not 2 triggers like some pro coders say it can be done
      -Crapy rotating around Axis Dummy
      -Meaby can be optimized us well

      Shud I give you a look on spell? I doesnt do dmg yet but with all other functions it is ok I gues. If you have some time to spend, I will place it at pastebin and send MSG with url.
    8. NFWar
      I cant create more spells. The stuff i want to create I cant, cuz dont know how.
      So I just sit and do nothing :(
      Even icons to draw I dont want anymore
      I am doing mistakes that I have done before
      My creativeness realy come to the end
      And I dont know how my time to spend
    9. NFWar
      Have you seen when I made the spell? It is my FIRST MUI SPELL.
      Triggering may be not exelent or even good. If that is MILION of those spells so I must to delete it? I think I will. It will clear spell section a bit.

      EDIT: naaah... you are right. Why to place saem thing a lot of times at hive? Spell deleted...
    10. eleljrk
      I got a friend! yay xD
      And good idea about that with asking for Permission, the system is great! :D
      And what!? I dont hate "Talented Russians" ^^

      Ohh, i dont hate "Talented Russions".. I hate "Noob Russians"..
      (Like you..)
    11. eleljrk
      Hehe, very nice man! Works like a Charm... Cant get it better i guess, and nice Translation. Understod everything i needed ^^

      Nice scripts, very, very useful. Make your friend upload the English version here and will get 5 / 5 from Moderators. Best ive seen on LONG time..

      Anyway, ive added him, and you, to my Quest: Thanks To.. ^^ (And you are even in "Creators"!)
    12. eleljrk
      Ehh! Its a soap!
    13. eleljrk
      Omg man, send me the Scripts! Where is your brain? Lost it? xD
    14. eleljrk
      Give me TODAY.. Gad
    15. eleljrk
      Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes... Do that!
    16. eleljrk
      hahah! I dont know Jass at all.. ^^
      And no thank you, i dont like Russian on a English game! xD

      And, what the *peep*.. You like that system? xD
    17. eleljrk
      I just have to ask you, how can i make creeps respawn like in DotA. But just so same group spawn on same place everytime..? How? :s

      I could do:

      Respawn Creeps
      Unit - A unit Dies
      Neutral Hostile Equal to (Owner of (Dying unit))
      Wait 120.00 seconds
      Unit - Create 1 (Unit-type of (Dying unit)) for Neutral Victim at (Position of (Dying unit)) facing Default building facing degrees

      But thats VERY lame..
    18. eleljrk
      Hey, if you want to contact me, add me on MSN..
      [HIDDEN=Only for Aspard][HIDDEN=Only for Aspard][HIDDEN=Only for Aspard][HIDDEN=Only for Aspard][HIDDEN=Only for Aspard][HIDDEN=Only for Aspard][HIDDEN=Only for Aspard][HIDDEN=Only for Aspard][haha, u s*ck xD][/HIDDEN][/HIDDEN][/HIDDEN][/HIDDEN][/HIDDEN][/HIDDEN][/HIDDEN][/HIDDEN]
    19. Deuterium
      Let me know if it works btw...
    20. Deuterium
      Hehehe you still either need 47 more rep to do so, or 1381 more posts :P
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  • About

    July 20
    Russia, Moscow
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Cult of the Damned
    Creativity, girls ;D



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