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Last Activity:
Dec 1, 2019
Dec 9, 2006

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Deshi Basara

Asomath was last seen:
Dec 1, 2019
    1. Vosty
      666 posts!
    2. Miss_Foxy
      Well you'll just have to wait and see... I believe it would be something that would change Hive forever...
    3. Craka_J
      Just out of curiosity, do you play World of WarCraft? If so, do you happen to have a level 14 or so level warrior or paladin that you do battlegrounds with? Because I'm pretty damn sure I've seen a level 14 warrior/paladin named Asomath in the battlegrounds and I always kill him. :D
    4. Pharaoh_
      :D Hehe, good notice of yours, thanx, although that sound-alike contest seems to be currently inactive :)
    5. The World Is Flat
      The World Is Flat
      soon, i will update some stuff...
    6. The World Is Flat
      The World Is Flat
      any new boss ideas?
    7. The World Is Flat
      The World Is Flat
      Nice Boss Tutorial
    8. Vosty
      Good Job on Green Rep!
    9. Anti_Bodies
    10. last_me
      ehhh halo hey do you will become my friend. please reply me to last_me
    11. varsaigen
      THAT is a lot of bumping! O_O I have never SEEN so many bumps in one thread D:
    12. varsaigen
      btw, the current DC model i'm making is the Murloc Marine :P I can star a whole series with it :P Murloc Firebat, Ghost, Zealot, Dark Templar, High Templr, etc :D
    13. varsaigen
      I am REALLY sorry, but I don't really have any time to model D: Appareantly, all my Summer weeks are busy D: And I still have 5 requests to finish, and some personal models. D: So about 7 models to get out of the way. I wish I could, really, but am unable D: I am sorry :(
    14. Aspard
      Yes, they were accepted. But you still have to wait. :)
    15. redscores
      I can help you with some instances, you know, I already made a series like that, hows your msn adress again? I have a new acc at msn, pm me your msn! :)
    16. Ani123
      hey asomath how you doing, hows your project is coming along great. hope your ok irl :) have fun XD
    17. varsaigen
      sadly, not yet. I've been finishing requests. :/ Lord_T is editing the anims I gave Misha's dragoon so they'l be smoother. :P

      So, I'll be getting other models done in the meantime. I had a request to finish my troll shadowtracker from earlier this year before I became a modeler. (It was a geomerged model that looked great. :P) I think I still have a thread around here somewhere. :P
    18. kimpakim7
      Asomath my map was destroyed so you dont have to do anything more
    19. kimpakim7
      Can you fix so that superjump doesnt work if you target ground cause now it does. It must only work when you click a unit!
    20. Rui
      Hey there, Asomath.
      I wanted to ask you if you have MSN. If you do, and you don't mind me adding you, please send me a private message with your address on it!

      Thank you.
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    US East
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    Scarlet Crusade


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