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    Scourge/Fallen Battleship

    Magnificent. More ships for the Scourge's fleet!
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    Forsaken Dread Guard

    Good work. More models for the Forsaken!
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    Orc Warlord (Re-Classic Pack)

    Not gonna lie, his head's a wee bit too big for his body.
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    Mathias Chronicles II - Reckoning

    Heh. Nice work.
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    Dark Iron Captain

    The beards are coming.
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    BTNWC1RaiseDeadRemastered (Icon)

    "It's alive! I'll make an army of skeletons and everyone will kneel before me!" Keywords: orc, war, raise dead
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    BTNWC1RaiseDeadRemastered (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) Mall Greatfather Winter for the win)

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) Mall Greatfather Winter for the win)
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    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) Captain, man...

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) Captain, man...
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    Captain Falric

    Fellas, you did some nice job here
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    BTCWC1SlimeRemasteredAlt (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    BTNWC1UnholyArmorRemasteredAlt (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    BTNWC1UnholyArmorRemastered (Icon)

    Are you the one who's really eager to get an unearthly, phantasmal set of armor that makes you practically invincible? Okay, let necrolyte do his job and whoa! You can't be killed! But whoops, the armor eats away your life energies by a quarter and it lasts as long as I need to take a leak. In...