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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Your way helped me a lot!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Your way helped me a lot!
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Your way helped me a lot!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Your way helped me a lot!
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for map

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for map
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    [Spell] Bash only stunning and damaging Undead

    My units are not exploding at right click, i thing they should have the ability to do so, but its a fact that now I cannot load them onto transports, anyways, now its working so thanks you all!
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    [Spell] Bash only stunning and damaging Undead

    Thanks, the stun is great, but since its an ability for a unit, i cant make the trigger Buff to work :c I did as you said, but didnt work until i put the Suicidal clasification in "Unit Clasification - Undead, Suicidal", if I maintain that clasification for my undead units, there could be any...
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    I love Blizz icons! They represetn a great improve to wc3 maps, ty!
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    [Spell] Bash only stunning and damaging Undead

    Hi there, I'm working in a Bash ability that only works on undeads, the problem is that the target selection of general abilities does not have any "Undead" option, so I have to do it using triggers, but i dont have any idea about casting passive abilities on targets, please help me! I'll give...
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    [Solved] Making units not explode from artillery

    I think this could help you if you dont want ANY unit to explode: Go to object editor and change for every unit the "Art - Special" trait to nothing, this should make the unit to die normally instead of exploding when killed by artillery attacks.
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    Changing Regeneration Type via-upgrade.

    Hello everyone! I really got a problem here. I'm trying to make an upgrade for regeneration type change from Only in Blight to Always, but i just can't find the triggers for this, maybe someone could help me with this? Thanks for your time!
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    Simulation of Key of the Three Moons

    Hello everyone, I have been trying to simulate a progressive fusion of items, just like the Key of the Three Moons from the campaings of warcraft 3 reign of chaos. I know how to combinate different items to get 1, but my problem is to combinate 5 of the SAME item to create 1. Here is my trigger...
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    Bug at attack-move order

    Thanks for the link!!! Reaing I learned that ppl got a lot of troubles with the same trigger. I tried going to gameplays constants and put the creep guard distance and the return distance to its maximum value. Also put the time of return above the 85 seconds, so I made sure the time will not...
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    Bug at attack-move order

    Hello everyone, i got a problem with my issue order to attack point trigger. I want to make a unit spawn and attack at randomly positions every 80 seconds. The unit react to the trigger, but it doesnt fulfill the action. It walks like 5 seconds, then, it goes back to the position where it...
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    Some questions about Acquisition Range and Range

    Like Edo said, if you have a range attack higher than your acquisition, the gameplay range of your unit wiill be the acquisition range, but if the attack range of your unit is below its acquisition range, the gameplay attack range of your unit will be your attack range. The acquisition range is...
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    Take control over unit?

    good luck with your work ;)!
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    Multiple Not Working Worker Idles

    ohh I see... but, Can I change it with an event trigger? is there an action that can change it?